Cord plus Cordless Steam Iron: Benefits of Using Cordless Steam Iron

Cord plus Cordless Steam Iron: Benefits of Using Cordless Steam Iron

Ironing can be an exhaustive errand and a time-consuming task for most people. However, with technological advancement and the integration of innovative features, it does not have to. Being presentable is a virtue in the modern world, and as more and more people focus on their garments, wearing neatly ironed clothes is important. This is why you must iron your clothes regularly to get that fresh and stylish look within a matter of minutes. 

Since the time when cordless steam iron box was introduced in the market, ironing has become much easier than ever before. You can get a perfect crispy press without any hassles. While the traditional steam iron required you to set up your ironing station close to a power socket, the cordless iron lets you take your iron box anywhere you want and press the clothes. 

How does the cordless iron box work? 

The workings of a cordless iron are really simple; they are the same as those of a traditional dry iron. They convert electrical energy into heat energy. In a cordless iron box, the electricity passes through a special coil that gets heated up and dissipates all the heat to the soleplate of the iron box. 

When the iron box is fully hot, i.e., reaches its maximum temperature per your chosen setting, the water in the tank drips onto the soleplate and produces steam. You can then direct the steam towards the clothes you want to press. It softens the fabric and gives you a perfect finish. 

Now that you know how a steam iron box works, let us discuss the cordless iron benefits: 

Helps you get a professional look

Everyone in your family, be it a student, an office-goer, or a stay-at-home dad, would want to wear fresh, wrinkle-free clothes and look their best, right? Well, the best way to get that professional look and ensure that your clothes are well-pressed and free of ugly wrinkles and creases is to press them with a cordless steam iron. 

There are different steam iron models offered by different home appliance companies in the market. But if you are looking for the best one, consider buying the Vesta 1380 Watts Cordless Steam Iron offered by Wipro Appliances. It has a variable steam control system that lets you adjust the setting based on the type of fabric you want to iron. 

As you press the iron over the fabric, the steam softens the fibre, allowing you to glide over the cloth easily and get a perfect finish. The steam also helps you keep the fibres of the cloth in place for a longer duration and ensures that your clothes look sharp and crisp throughout the day.

Saves time

Whether you like it or not, ironing the clothes using the traditional dry iron box can take up a lot of your time. But, if you are looking for a time-saving alternative and want to iron your clothes on the go, you must have the Vesta 1380 Watts Cordless Steam Iron offered by Wipro Appliances at home. 

It is one of the best cordless iron box models, with amazing and innovative features that let you finish your ironing tasks easily and quickly. The iron's power steam and spray function helps you smoothen even the most stubborn and tough wrinkles within a few seconds. 

This allows you to save your precious morning time and avoid getting late to the office, school, or an important business meeting! 

Suitable for all kinds of fabrics

Every fabric is different, and it has different ironing needs. And if you have the Vesta 1380 Watts Cordless Steam Iron offered by Wipro Appliances at home, you can be assured that you treat every cloth with utmost care as it needs to be based on the fabric it is made of.

This stunning cordless steam iron has an adaptable thermostat control and a five-fabric setting to suit your diverse style. It means you can iron all kinds of clothes perfectly without worrying about damaging them. 

Safe to use 

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of the Vesta 1380 Watts Cordless Steam Iron offered by Wipro Appliances is its safety. Unlike the traditional dry iron boxes that require constant supervision, a steam iron is comparatively more reliable and safer. 

It has an automatic turn-off option, which makes it a trusted appliance. It also means when the iron reaches its maximum temperature, it automatically turns off the heating process. This makes it safer to handle, and there is minimal risk of your clothes getting damaged due to excessive heat. 


When you buy a cordless steam iron box, you would want it to be durable and last long, right? Well, this is exactly what the Vesta 1380 Watts Cordless Steam Iron offered by Wipro Appliances offers. 

The Vesta 1380 cordless iron is easy to maintain and promises optimal performance every time you use it. Its self-clean function prevents calcium carbonate buildup on the soleplate, increasing its durability. After ironing, you only have to wipe down the plate with a clean and dry cloth. 

Also, make sure to empty the water tank after every use. 

A cordless steam iron box is a necessary home appliance. It helps you iron all kinds of clothes easily at home and save valuable money on your laundry or ironing bills. Also, the Vesta 1380 Watts cordless iron is super energy efficient. It consumes less power yet delivers high performance. Less power consumption means low energy bills, which ultimately means more savings.

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