How Does a Cordless Steam Iron Work?

How Does a Cordless Steam Iron Work?

If you iron your clothes every day, you know it can be an exhaustive task. Not to mention, if you are using the traditional iron box, dealing with the cords can make the job even more mundane. But as frustrating as tackling the wire can be, you still have to iron your clothes to maintain your sharp and crisp look, right? 

This is where a cordless iron for clothes comes in as an excellent alternative. As the name says it all, a cordless iron is portable and allows you to easily move around the room and iron your clothes to perfection sans the hassles of long wires. Since the cordless steam iron box was first introduced in the market, it has attracted the attention of people worldwide and has become a favourite kind of iron box. 

Unlike the traditional iron box that requires you to set up your ironing station, i.e., an iron board or a table with a flat surface near the power outlet, the cordless iron box allows you to take the iron anywhere and press the clothes. 

If you are fascinated by this type of iron box and wondering how it works, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we discuss the workings of a cordless steam iron. So, without any further ado, let us get started.

The working of a cordless iron box – understanding the principle 

The cordless iron box works very similar to the regular wired iron, and its function is quite easy. Like the regular iron box, the cordless steam iron box has a heating element that converts the electrical energy into heat energy. 

In a cordless iron box, the current passes through a special coil that heats up and transfers the heat to the soleplate of the iron box. When the iron is hot and reaches the maximum temperature as per the setting you choose, the water in the tank heats up, and the steam produced comes out through the nozzle. 

You then direct the steam over the clothes you want to press and de-wrinkle. The continuous stream of steam softens the fabric and gives you perfectly ironed clothes that are free from wrinkles. 

Another important thing to know about using a cordless iron for clothes is that these iron boxes are not actually cordless. Instead, unlike the traditional iron box, which has a wire connected directly to it, the cordless iron box has a plug-in charging base and sits on the base. 

The base heats the iron as per the heat setting you choose for the fabric you want to iron, and then you can remove it from the base for a cordless ironing experience. 

Benefits of using a cordless steam iron box 

  • Help you maintain your immaculate looks 

Whether you are a student, an office-goer or a homemaker, every time you step out of the house for a party or office, you want to look immaculate and keep your dress looking sharp, right? The best way to get the desired look is to ensure that your dress is pressed well and free of wrinkles using a cordless steam iron box like the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances.  

This model has a different steam control system, allowing you to adjust the steam flow based on the type of fabric you are pressing. For hard fabrics like denim or cotton, you may choose a high steam setting, whereas, for soft fabrics like silk, you can choose low steam to get the best result without damaging the dress. 

  • Time-saving appliance 

This is perhaps the most significant benefit of a cordless steam iron box: it helps you save time ironing your clothes. This model's power steam and spray function help you smoothen out even the most stubborn wrinkles in double quick time. Thus, you no longer have to worry about getting late to the office or school. 

  • Safety guaranteed 

Another important benefit of the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances is its advanced safety features, such as an automatic turn-off option, making it a safe and trusted appliance. 

What this feature does is when the iron reaches the maximum temperature, the iron automatically shuts off. Thus, you can be assured that you won’t get burned or your clothes get damaged due to high heat exposure. 

  • Durable 

Cordless steam iron models, like the Handheld Garment Steamer, offer great durability. They are also easy to use and maintain and promise optimal performance every time. You just have to ensure that you empty the water tank after every use and store it properly in a safe place.

Now that you know how a cordless iron for clothes functions and its benefits, it would help to know how to use one. 

Generally, most of the cordless steam iron box models offered by different brands worldwide have more or less the same key features and work the same way. For instance, all the cordless steam iron models you find on the market may have a detachable water tank and are easy to use. 

If you have bought the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances, just follow the steps below to use it – 

  • Step 1 – Fill the water tank with plain tap water up to the desired level, and plug in the steam iron box to the power socket 
  • Step 2 – Wait for a couple of minutes for the water to heat up, and you will see the steam coming out from the iron box 
  • Step 3 – Hang the dress, pants, and suit, you want to iron on a hanger 
  • Step 4 – Gently stretch the fabric from the bottom with one hand and move the steam iron box over the garment firstly from the inside and then outside and move from bottom to the top for a fine and crisp finish 

Final Word 

A cordless steam iron box is a great boon for all and a necessary appliance in your home. It helps you make boring tasks like ironing clothes fun and quick and save valuable laundry and ironing bills; you can get the same quality of finish on your clothes as you get from a laundry.

Also, the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances is highly energy efficient, allowing you to save money on power bills. It consumes much lesser units of electricity than the traditional iron box yet deliver high performance.

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