Lightweight Dry Irons: Benefits of Lightweight Dry Irons

Lightweight Dry Irons: Benefits of Lightweight Dry Irons

An iron is an important home appliance that you must have. And just like most common appliances we use daily at home, the irons have evolved drastically.

Today, with technological advancements, the modern iron box has become compact, and the electric press iron comes with a range of amazing features, like a temperature control system, different settings for pressing different fabrics, smooth coated iron plates for easy gliding over clothes, etc. 

Whether you use a lightweight dry iron, a steam iron, or a heavyweight iron greatly depends on your personal requirements. This blog discusses what a lightweight dry iron is and its benefits. 

What is a dry iron?

A dry iron is a common home appliance used to press clothes, remove wrinkles and make them look crisp and tidy. The working of a lightweight dry iron is quite simple. 

A dry iron box works by heating a metal plate and pressing it against the fabric to smooth the wrinkles. It does not produce steam, and they are priced less than a steam iron. Also, these irons are better suited to press certain types of fabric that are sensitive to moisture and heat. 

Features and benefits of lightweight dry iron

Adjustable temperature settings 

Dry irons are easy to use and come with a few important features. One such feature is the varied temperature setting. Most modern iron models available in the market, like the Popular 1000 Watts GD102 Lightweight Chrome finish Automatic Electric Dry Iron by Wipro Appliances, have adjustable heat settings for different kinds of fabric. 

So, every time you use the iron, you must use the appropriate heat setting for the kind of fabric you are ironing. Applying the right amount of heat is paramount to keep your clothes in good condition. Some tougher materials like denims and wool, require more health as the fabric is thick and tends to hold stubborn wrinkles. 

Other clothes made of softer materials like silk or satin require minimal heat as they are thin and delicate. Applying too much heat could damage your clothing. 

Indicator Lights

Another significant feature of a lightweight dry iron that makes it easy to use is the light indicator close to the temperature setting thermostat button. No matter, the setting you choose, be it high or low or a fabric specific setting, the red-coloured, bright indicator light flashes on to notify you that the iron box has reached the desired temperature. 

Typically, the iron plate takes a few seconds to heat up. As you start running the iron over the fabric, the head dissipates into the cloth and smooths it out. When the temperature goes below a certain degree, the light goes off, and the sole plate starts to reheat automatically. The cycle continues until you turn off the iron. 

360 degrees swivel cord 

The lightweight dry iron makers realise the importance of offering a long cord for its ease of use. The Popular 1000 Watts GD102 Lightweight Chrome finish Automatic Electric Dry Iron by Wipro Appliances not only has a long cord but also facilitates 360 degrees swivel for easy movement around the iron board or surface and a hassle-free ironing experience. 

Anti-bacterial soleplate 

Many modern lightweight dry irons, like the Popular 1000 Watts GD102 Lightweight Chrome finish Automatic Electric Dry Iron by Wipro Appliances, have an antibacterial soleplate that keeps clothes germ-free even after prolonged usage. This particular model also has a German Teflon coating over its soleplate, which distributes the heat evenly over the fabric. 

Powerful capacity 

When you are looking to buy an electric iron, you must pay close attention to its power capacity. The higher the power, which is defined in watts, the higher the iron's heating capacity. The Popular 1000 Watts GD102 Lightweight Chrome finish Automatic Electric Dry Iron by Wipro Appliances has a powerful 1000W heater, which allows the iron to heat up quickly and reduces your ironing time. 

Easy to clean 

Keeping your dry iron clean helps in increasing its performance and longevity. If you don’t clean your iron regularly, the soleplate on the iron can get dirty and sticky, resulting in bad ironing output. Also, there is a risk of your clothes getting damaged. 

Fortunately, cleaning the electric press iron is fairly easy. You just have to clean the soleplate or the metal surface of the iron with a soft cloth after every use. If there is any stain, use a wet cloth and soft soap or fabric cleanser. This will ensure that your iron works at optimum capacity for a long time.

Wipro Appliances, one of the leaders in the home appliances industry, offers a wide range of affordable irons that are equipped with amazing features. You can check out the range of dry iron models, compare them and purchase the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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