How to Chop Hard Vegetables with Ease Using a Manual Chopper

How to Chop Hard Vegetables with Ease Using a Manual Chopper

If you are the one in charge of cooking at home, you would know that cutting, chopping and dicing vegetables is one of the most tedious tasks. However, you cannot escape it. You may make different types of dishes and cuisines at home, and most of them would require you to chop vegetables. 

The way you chop and dice your vegetables can have a significant difference in the taste of the food and your overall meal experience. However, you can reduce the time and effort you take to chop vegetables using a manual vegetable chopper. 

Nowadays, the chopper has become a popular and common Kitchen appliance. It is not only useful to speed up the chopping process but also allows you to cut and chop the veggies with impeccable consistency, something that is very hard to get when you cut it on a chopping board. 

Let us look at some of the benefits of using the vegetable chopper

  • Generally, when you cook any dish at home, the prep work would take the maximum amount of time, right? And it can be quite frustrating to stand in the kitchen for a long time, especially during the summer. The heat and sweat can make you feel irritated and even spoil your mood. This is where a manual vegetable chopper comes in really handy. It can significantly reduce the time taken for prep work and let you finish all your tasks quickly and have spare time for other activities. 
  • Another important reason why a lot of people prefer using the manual food chopper to the cutting board and knife to chop vegetables is that the former is quite safe. While using a chopper, there is literally zero risk of cuts or other injuries. This is because when you use the chopper, there is zero contact with the blade. 
  • No matter if you use a hand press vegetable chopper or manual chopper with pull out string, it definitely helps improve your efficiency in the kitchen. The chopper comes with a container that has the blades inside to cut, chop, grate, mince the vegetables. 
  • While cutting the vegetables the traditional way, you may end up creating a mess on the platform and the surrounding area. Thus, it increases your task as you must clean the kitchen. With a vegetable chopper, you don't have to stress making the kitchen messy or dirty. You can chop the vegetables neatly and be organised in the kitchen.
  • Last but certainly not least, the manual vegetable chopper is easy to clean and maintain. The chopper's container and the blade are easy to clean. After every use, you can simply wash them with a mild dishwasher and water.

How to chop the vegetables using the chopper properly?

If you have been cutting and chopping the vegetables the traditional way, using the chopping board and knife, getting used to the manual chopper may be a little difficult initially, but you can get used to it in no time, and then you cannot do without it. 

However, to ensure that the vegetables are chopped properly, you must know how to use the chopper correctly. 

First and foremost, before you start chopping the vegetables, it is advisable that you check if the blade is placed correctly. 

Once you are certain about the placement of the blade, put the vegetables in the container and secure the lid well. Then, pull the string of the chopper to cut the veggies. 

While chopping the veggies, it is advisable to hold the container firmly with one hand and use the other to pull the string. Once you pull the string, let it return to its original state before pulling it again. Repeat the process until you finish chopping the vegetables. 

If you want to chop onions or tomatoes or any other hard vegetables like yam, potato, etc., in the manual chopper, you must avoid putting the whole vegetable in it. Instead, cut it into smaller pieces, at least 4 pieces and then use the pull string chopper to dice or cut it. 

In case the string in the chopper gets stuck, avoid pulling it with force. You may risk breaking it completely. Instead, just leave the string as it is, and shake the whole appliance in the up and down direction as sometimes the vegetable tends to get stuck into the blade. 

Another important thing to do when using the manual food chopper correctly and efficiently is not to fill the container to the brim. Always leave some space so that the blade can complete its full motion, and you can get quick and better results. 

While cleaning or washing the chopper, it is better to use lukewarm water. And after you wash it, don’t close the lid immediately. Let it remain open until it gets dry completely before you close the lid. 

Also, before you store the chopper, make sure to dry the blade and the container well using a clean and soft cloth. This is paramount because if you leave the blades wet, they may lose their sharpness quickly. 

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