Benefits of Induction Cooktop

Benefits of Induction Cooktop

Since an induction cooktop first burst onto the scene, it gained immense popularity almost immediately, especially in Europe, and it is slowly gaining the due attention in India.

The induction cooktop is a breakthrough in cooking technology, offering the perfect combination of power, precision, and safety. 

The workings of an induction cooktop are quite different from those of a traditional gas stove or electric cooktop. It has an electromagnetic coil at the bottom. When the current passes through the coil, it produces heat that is transferred to the cookware placed on top. While the pan and the food in it heat up, neither the cooktop nor the air around it becomes hot. 

Today, many people are switching from the traditional gas stove to an induction cooktop, mainly to save on their energy bills and make cooking faster and more convenient. However, whether you are using a small induction cooktop or a larger model, you must only be sure to use the right cookware. The pans and pots you use must be induction-compatible. 

Benefits of Induction Cooktop: 

Enables faster cooking 

One of the most significant benefits of using an electric induction cooktop is that it helps you speed up the cooking time. This means you need not spend hours standing in the kitchen and use your valuable time for other purposes and things you love doing. 

An induction cooktop reduces cooking time because the heating surface heats up quickly and transfers almost 80% of the heat directly to the cookware placed on top. This means the ingredients in the pan receive a high amount of heat and cook faster. 

Researchers worldwide have confirmed that an induction cooktop takes about 25 to 50% less time to heat food than a gas or electric stove. 

Energy efficient 

In today’s world, saving energy is no longer a luxury but a necessity and social responsibility. You can contribute to the global cause simply by switching from traditional gas or electric stoves to induction cooktops. 

If you are wondering how an induction cooktop is energy efficient, the answer lies in its operation. When you turn on a traditional gas stove, the flame releases a lot of heat around the pan and the room. Similarly, when you use an electric burner, it emits a lot of radiant heat at any point where it is not in direct contact with the cooker. 

This simply means a lot of energy is wasted. But with an induction cooktop, the heat is generated within the cookware itself, and the maximum amount of it is transferred to the food. Thus, by switching to an induction cooktop, you can save the environment as well as your energy bills. 


One of the most significant induction cooktop benefits that is not stressed enough is its safety aspect. When you use a gas stove, you are exposed directly to a naked flame, which can be risky.

Even when you turn off the gas, the burner remains hot for a long time, and if you accidentally touch it, you may get nasty burns. Also, there may be a massive fire accident in the event of a gas leak. 

But with induction cooktops, you need not worry about any of these risks. They are extremely safe to use. Also, modern induction cooktop models like the Vesta CIC 202 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop offered by Wipro Appliances come with advanced safety features like automatic shut-off, where the cooktop automatically turns off when it reaches the maximum temperature based on the cooking program you choose. 

This means that even if you forget to unplug the wire and leave the appliance on, there is zero risk of getting burned as the cooking surface cools down immediately. 

Precise cooking temperature 

How often have you faced a situation when your food gets burnt or turns out to be undercooked or overcooked? It happens quite often, right? And when this happens, it may spoil your mood and dining experience. Not to mention, if the dish doesn’t turn out the way you intended or gets burnt, you may have to throw it away, which is such a waste of valuable ingredients. 

All this happens because the traditional gas stove gives you only limited scope to control the heat. Of course, you can adjust the knob to slow or high flame as you want, but that is not enough. On the other hand, an induction cooktop comes with a precision heat control system. 

Some models, like the Vesta CIC 202 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop offered by Wipro Appliances, have 10 preset cooking menu controls specially designed for Indian cooking. With cooking options like water, curry, soup, and cookies, the exact amount of heat is used for the function you choose, and you get a perfectly cooked meal every single time.

This model also has a smart timer function, which allows you to set the exact time for which you want the meal to cook. Once the time is completed, the kitchen appliance shuts off automatically. 

Easy to clean 

Among the many benefits of an induction stove, its ease of cleaning deserves special mention. How often do you struggle to clean your gas stove and try to remove stubborn stains such as spilled curry or greasy sauce splatters? 

Well, with an induction cooktop, you don’t have to worry about the additional cleaning job. Since an induction cooktop seldom gets very hot, the food does not spill over the cooking surface. This means there is no splatter or spill, and you can do a quick swipe with a sponge to keep your kitchen and the stove spick and span. 

Get the right induction cooktop for your home 

An induction cooktop is a valuable asset to have in your kitchen. It can make a world of difference in the way you cook every day. It can make your cooking tasks easy and quick without compromising on the quality. 

So, if you are looking to purchase a new induction cooktop and leverage its uses, you can consider buying the Vesta CIC 202 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop offered by Wipro Appliances. It has many amazing features that guarantee superior performance and let you cook a variety of dishes, from dosa to chole, with just one touch. 

An Indian appliance for all Indian homes, it comes with an integrated 10-cooking menu control. So, just pick an Indian delicacy of your choice and start cooking. The feature touch control panel allows you to conveniently operate the cooktop with the lightest touch. Additionally, the sleep and crystal glass finish not only add a charm to your kitchen décor but also are easy to clean and maintain. 

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