What Are the Uses of a Multicooker?

What Are the Uses of a Multicooker?

It would be hard to imagine a kitchen in an Indian home without the most needed kitchen appliance, which is the cooker. Over the years, as kitchen appliance technology has evolved, the humble and traditional pressure cooker is slowly but surely slipping into oblivion, and many families are replacing it with a multicooker. 

As they say, you have to keep up with the changing times. In the modern, fast-paced life, you may want to use kitchen appliances that make cooking convenient and fast, right? Well, this is exactly what a multicooker does. Whether you are trying to make perfectly fluffy steamed rice, a lip-smacking curry, or a melt-in-your-mouth lamb dish, whatever recipe you are trying to cook, you may need a multicooker for it.

What is a multicooker?

A multicooker, as the name says it, is a multi-functional, multi-purpose kitchen appliance that does the job of pressure cooking, steaming, boiling and more. Depending on the type of model you buy, the multicooker can help you replace your regular rice cookers, steamers, and boilers with a single appliance and save a lot of valuable space in your kitchen. 

Typically, a multicooker or an electric multicooker comes with different programmable settings that you adjust based on the dishes you are making. 

Uses of a multicooker

Using a multicooker at home can serve several benefits, which are discussed below. 

  • Prepare tasty and healthy meals

Undoubtedly one of the most significant uses of an electric multicooker is that it helps you prepare healthy and tasty meals for your loved ones. Typically, the modern multicooker models you find in the market have a specialised coating on the cooking surface, which prevents the food from sticking to the cooker. 

This allows you to make your dishes without using too much oil or greasing the cooker surface with butter. Thus, you can be assured that the meal is healthy and you can indulge guilt-free. The multicooker is like the modern version of the traditional rice cooker but is more versatile. 

You can prepare countless popular recipes in the cooker or let your creative mind take centre stage and create a new recipe that could become your signature dish. 

  • Preserve the nutrition of the ingredients

In India, people have been having steamed food since ages. And, health experts worldwide have corroborated that steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook a meal. And what better way to steam a healthy meal than using a steamer for cooking. 

Just like the traditional rice cooker, the electric multi cooker lets you steam your rice, vegetables, and fish in it. With the layered cooking vessels in the cooker, you can cook your rice and vegetables or meat together at once. 

Steaming the ingredients in a cooker locks all the nutrients and flavours of the ingredients, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal every day. The electric multicookers have different heat settings – low, medium and high, and you choose the right option based on the dish you are making. 

For example, if you are steaming meat or making a meat-based curry or soup, you may crank up the heat to ensure that the meat is cooked well and falls off the bones. But, if you want to steam eggs or vegetables, you can adjust the setting to medium and get perfectly boiled vegetables. 

  • Avoid inconsistency

Imagine a situation in which you have invited your family members over for dinner with a promise to make them your signature biryani. But when you serve them the biryani, you notice that the rice, meat and other ingredients are cooked inconsistently. This can not only be embarrassing but also spoil the whole family union mood. Not to mention, you may have to prepare something new or order in. 

Well, with a multicooker at your home, you can be sure to never face such a situation. It lets you cook different ingredients consistently, as you need for the recipe. And, only when the ingredients are cooked, you can get the maximum health benefits and enjoy its taste.

  • Control the meal portions

When you cook a meal at home for your loved ones, you may find it challenging to control the portion of the food you eat. Sometimes you may prepare more than it is actually required for the number of people in the family, and sometimes you may face shortage. And, none of the situation is good. It may lead to food wastage or leave your loved ones hungry, and craving for more.

This is where a multicooker comes in as a major boon. With a multicooker, you can take full control of the portion and ensure that you don’t waste any food or leave your family starving. Also, when you prepare just the right amount of food, you can avoid overeating or avoid having the same meal the next day. 

So, whether you want to cook a small meal for a family of 4 members or a feast for a party of 20, you can easily manage the servings you want. 

  • Cook multiple dishes

One of the most significant uses of a multicooker is it allows concurrent cooking. This simply means you can cook more than one dish in the cooker simultaneously and save your valuable time and energy while cooking a meal. 

You can cook different kinds of ingredients in different levels of cooker and be assured that they are cooked to perfection and retain their nutritional value. 

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