The Role of Cold Press Juicing in Boosting Immunity

The Role of Cold Press Juicing in Boosting Immunity

Considering the rising number of health issues among youngsters, staying healthy and fit has become more necessary than ever before. And, it is even more important to nourish your immune system as it is the natural defence system to protect you from harmful cells, bacteria, and viruses.

Without a healthy immunity, you may be vulnerable to constantly falling ill. So, it is paramount that you focus on healthy eating and include foods to boost immune system in your daily diet. And the best way to ensure that you eat healthy is to have fruit juice every day. But not just any juice, it is better to have a cold pressed juice

Cold-pressed juices are proven to have a higher amount of nutrients than juices extracted from traditional hot or centrifugal juicers. Health experts worldwide suggest having cold-pressed juice so that you can consume more nutrients at once and thus absorb more nutrition. 

Why use cold-pressed juicers?

Over the years, cold-pressed juicers as kitchen appliances have gained immense popularity all over the world, and for all the right reasons. The traditional fruit juicer machine crush vegetables and fruits to extract the juice, also while these juicers are operational, they produce a lot of heat inside the jar, which reduces the nutritional value of the juice. 

On the other hand, a cold-press juicer operates at low speed to squeeze out the juice from fruits and vegetables, retaining the maximum amount of nutrients. This is why healthcare experts recommend cold-pressed juice to improve the immune system and fight off diseases.

Cold-pressed juices that help boost the immune system

Now that you know the benefits of a cold pressed juice and how it helps increase immunity power, you can consider buying a cold press juicer for home like the Vesta FS101 Cold Press Slow Juicer by Wipro Appliances and make different cold pressed juices at home every day and kick start your mornings on a healthy note.

If you are looking for the best cold-pressed juice recipe, here are a few that you can try making at home – 

ABC Juice

ABC juice stands for apple, beetroot and carrot juice, and is considered to be one the healthiest juices that help increase the immunity power. Apples have anti-inflammatory benefits and are great for the immunity system that helps fight infections. 

Carrot, too, is loaded with vitamin C, which helps repair the damaged cells in the body and reduce the risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer. Beetroot helps purify the blood. All-in-all, the ABC juice is a glass of elixir for a healthy life.

And the best thing is you can make this juice within a matter of few minutes at home using the Vesta FS201 Cold Press Slow Juicer an effective kitchen appliance by Wipro. Just peel the carrots, beetroot and apple, slice them into pieces and put them all into the juice and blend them until you get a smooth juice.

Kale, Spinach and Lettuce Juice

Vegetable juices are a powerhouse of nutrients, and they are super tasty. Drinking vegetable juices can have a significant impact on your immune system in making them strong and ward off diseases. 

The combination of kale, spinach, and lettuce provide your body all the essential nutrients it needs for functioning efficiently like iron, calcium, Vitamin A, and more. You can also consider adding a bit of parsley to the juice for an added dose of vitamin B6. 

Watermelon Juice

Undoubtedly one of the best summer coolers, watermelon juice is incredibly refreshing and hydrating to have on a hot sunny day or just about any time. Apart from being tasty and refreshing, watermelon juice helps fortify the immune system and even eases sore muscles. 

Muscle soreness can also have side effects like colds. The vitamin A and vitamin C contents of watermelon juice can help fight off harmful viruses. If you are keen to include juice as part of your daily diet, you can bring home the best juicer for fruits and vegetables, Vesta FS101 Cold Press Slow Juicer by Wipro Appliances, and make fresh juice at home every day.

Strawberry and Mango Juice

The king of all fruits, mango is everyone’s favourite. And it is one of those fruits that you can have in a ton of different ways and enjoy its deliciousness. But if you want to get its nutritional benefits, it is better to juice it with another equally delicious and healthy fruit like a strawberry.

 You may have seen mango and strawberry mocktails on restaurant menus, but they are not even half as healthy as freshly made cold-pressed juice at home. Both the ingredients are loaded with vital nutrients, and the juice has anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen the immune system to fight viruses and disease-causing pathogens.

Final Word 

Cold press juicing is the healthiest way to have juice. The cold pressing methods ensure that you retain the maximum amount of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that you are juicing. Also, cold-pressed juices have a longer shelf life, and they retain their flavour.  So, bring home the Vesta FS101 Cold Press Slow Juicer by Wipro Appliances, make a healthy and tasty cold-pressed juice every day, and live a healthier and fuller life.

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