How to Use a Steamer on Clothes – Beginners Guide

How to Use a Steamer on Clothes – Beginners Guide

Do you spend a few hundred or even thousand rupees every month just to get your clothes ironed from a local laundry shop as several other Indian families do? Well, you can save this valuable money and get the same quality of press at home without having an iron board or even an iron, for that matter. Wonder how? Well one such home appliance that will help you to get the same quality press at home is the clothes steamer or fabric steamer. 

It is a common home appliance used in the West and is slowly gaining popularity in India. It is a great device for pressing clothes and keeping them wrinkle-free at home at just a fraction of the cost. Unlike the traditional iron box, which uses heat and pressure to smoothen wrinkles, the steamer uses only steam. 

How to use a steamer on clothes?

Ironing your clothes daily can be a tedious task. Plus, it requires you to have an iron board and use the right technique and heat setting for different types of clothes to ensure that the clothes are pressed smoothly, and you don’t damage them. 

On the other hand, using a handheld steamer or a garment steamer is much easier. It does not require you to worry about heat control or using the right technique. You can use it like a pro, even if you are a first-timer, and ensure that you keep your clothes sharp and crisp. 

To use the handheld garment steamer offered by Wipro Appliances, you must follow the three steps below: 

Step 1 

All handheld steamers have a water tank, remove it from the steamer, fill it up with regular tap water to the desired level and put it back in its place. Make sure that it is sealed well. Plug in the steam and turn in on. 

Step 2 

Wait for the steamer to heat up the water in the tank and starts producing steam. While you are waiting, hang the garment you want to de-wrinkle over a hanger or a hook. Place it in a place where you can easily move the steamer over the cloth and smoothen the wrinkles in every part. 

Step 3 

It is better to start steaming the cloth from the bottom and move to the top. For a crisper and sharper look, you can gently stretch the fabric from the bottom while you move the steamer over it. This will help remove even the most stubborn wrinkles easily. 

An effective technique for removing the creases from your shirts, dresses, and other garments, it is better to steam the garment from the inside. If you are using a handheld steamer, you may have to press the button to release the steam and see the wrinkles disappear. 

How does a steamer work? 

Now that you know how to use a steamer for clothes, it would also help to understand how this wonderful home appliance works. The steamer, as the name says, heats water and dissipates the steam through a nozzle. 

The hot steam is then directly directed to the fabric to eliminate the wrinkles and smoothen the creases. 

Can you use the steamer for all kinds of fabric?

Yes. You can use a garment steamer to smoothen wrinkles from all kinds of clothes made of different fabrics, even delicate textiles like wool and silk. The hot steam softens the fabric, allowing it to regain its natural shape and become smooth and wrinkle-free garments. 

However, it is better to avoid using a steamer on clothing made of materials like suede or leather. Steaming these materials may damage them. 

Features of a steamer

Steaming the clothes is the best alternative to ironing. And if you have a garment steamer like the handheld steamer offered by Wipro Appliances, you will surely have a great steaming experience every time you use it as it has plenty of amazing features, including: 

  • Auto on and off function

This is one of the most significant features of the handheld garment steamer. It prevents the steamer from getting overheated, protects your clothes from damage, and allows you to handle the steamer safely. 

  • Transparent water tank

The handheld steamer comes with a transparent water tank and clear level markings on it, which allows you to clearly see and fill the exact amount of water you need for pressing the clothes. 

  • Dual steam rate

The handheld steamer by Wipro Appliances comes with a dual stem feature, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the steam flow based on the type of garment you wish to press. You can use the power steam mode for pressing heavy fabrics like wool or denim. 

You can use the eco steam for pressing soft and regular use clothes made of cotton or linen. Also, the digital display function on the steamer allows you to clearly see the status of the steamer. 

  • Easy to carry and move

The handheld garment steamer by Wipro Appliances is lightweight and compact. You can easily carry it around anywhere you want around the house and even while you travel, allowing you to keep your dress pressed sharp and immaculate. 

Final Word 

Having a garment steamer at home could be a valuable asset. It is a great alternative to using the traditional iron, and get better results. Also, with a steamer there is zero risk of getting burned or causing damage to your clothes. 

You can carry it anywhere you want and ensure that you dress up in style and make a lasting impression. Even with such amazing features, the garment steamer price is quite affordable and is priced just at Rs. 2,599. You can visit the Wipro Appliances website to learn more about the appliance and buy it online.

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