Handy Buying Guide for Pop-Up Toaster

Handy Buying Guide for Pop-Up Toaster

Modern kitchen appliances are specifically designed to make cooking convenient. One such commonly used kitchen appliance worldwide is the Pop-up toaster. It is a wonderful appliance that helps you make perfectly cooked bread toast for breakfast. 

For most of us, the morning hours are quite hectic. We feel frantic while trying to get ready for work, prepare a child’s lunch, and make breakfast for the family. If you can resonate with this situation, investing in a good-quality pop-up toaster would surely ease the burden of making breakfast. 

As the name says it all, a bread toaster essentially toasts the bread and makes it crunchy from all sides. Unlike, toasting the breads, the traditional way over a frying pan, the toaster with lid ensure that the bread slices are cooked to perfection on all sides and there is zero risk of the slices burning, which could totally ruin its taste and the overall breakfast experience. 

With a toaster at home, you no longer have to worry about skipping breakfast. The toaster lets you toast your bread within seconds, and you can surely grab a bite or two with some bread, jam, and eggs on the side before you leave for work. After all, having breakfast is pivotal; it helps you start your day on a positive note and gives you the energy to keep going all day. 

Now that you know how useful a bread pop-up toaster can be, you may want to buy one for your home. But with the sheer number of options available in the market, you may feel confused about which model to buy. Well, first and foremost, you must know what exactly you are looking for, determine your needs, and then look for a model that aligns with your needs. 

Besides, you must consider a few important factors or features before making the purchase decision. In this guide, we discuss these factors. 

  • Defrost Function 

Some of the premium pop-up toaster models like the Vesta Bread 800-W Auto Pop-up toaster offered by Wipro Appliances have advanced functions like defrost function. It comes handy when you keep the bread in the freezer and it requires some defrosting before toasting it. 

Simply adjust the setting to defrost on the toaster and toss in the bread slices, and you can thaw it before toasting. This simple but super useful feature can help you save a lot of time waiting for the bread slices to thaw. 

  • Browning levels

Different members of your family may like their toast made differently. Some may like their bread to be brown and super crispy, while others may like it less crispy. And it can be really difficult to get the precise level of toasting when you do it over a pan.

This is where having a highly advanced pop-up toaster like the Vesta Bread Toaster 800W Auto Pop-up at home comes in handy. It comes with seven browning levels feature. You can simply adjust the heat setting to your family members' liking and get perfectly toasted bread every single time. 

With this pop-up toaster, you can get golden brown to dark toast bread with just a flick of a button. So, while choosing the best toaster, look for a model that offers this functionality. 

  • Number of slots

There are different kinds of toast in the market. One of the most important features you must consider is the number of slots it has. You have a 4-slice pop-up toaster and a 2-slice toaster, which basically means the number of slices the toaster can accommodate at once. 

The Vesta Bread Toaster 800-W Auto Pop-up toaster has 4 slice slots. This means you can toast 4 bread slices at once. The number of family members you have at home must be considered when choosing this feature. 

If you are a family of 4 members or more, a 4-slice pop-up toaster would be an ideal choice as it would help you toast the bread faster; you need not wait long to have breakfast. But, if you have a smaller family or living alone, you can consider buying a toaster 2 slices model. 

  • Reheat function 

This is another important function you must consider while buying a pop-up toaster. Often in the morning, you may be hustling between different tasks, getting your kids ready for school, preparing lunch for them, sending an important work email, and while juggling between all these tasks, your toast may get cold and lose all its crispiness. 

But if your toaster has a reheat function, you can toss the bread slice back in and reheat it, instead of forcing yourself to have soggy bread or, worst case, throwing it away in the bin. The reheat function heats the bread and retains its crispiness without changing the colour or burning it. 

  • Cancel function 

Some of the newer toaster models, like the Vesta Bread Toaster 800-W Auto Pop-up toaster, come with a cancel function, allowing you to cancel or stop any ongoing functions. This is a great feature, as sometimes you may accidentally choose the wrong setting and risk not getting the desired toasting result. 

  • Automatic pop-up 

Whether you want a 4-slice toaster or a smaller 2-slice toaster, look for a model that has an automatic pop-up function/feature. This allows contactless toasting. You can toss in the slices in the toaster, choose the browning level you want, and get on with your other tasks while the toaster does its job. 

After the toasting is done, the kitchen appliance will automatically pop up the slices and make an alert sound to let you know that the toast is ready. 

  • Easy to clean 

You simply cannot afford to overlook this critical factor while buying a new pop-up toaster. Remember, when you handle bread, the crumbs tend to scatter all over the place. This is why the model you buy must have a removable crumb tray that collects all the crumbs, allowing you to keep your kitchen counter clean. 

After you finish using the toaster, you can simply remove the tray, wash it, insert it back in its place and keep the appliance ready for next use. One such model is the Vesta Bread Toaster 800-W Auto Pop-up toaster offered by Wipro Appliance. 

It has a removable tray at the bottom of the appliance. You can wash it with a regular dishwasher and water, wipe it dry, and then put it back in.

Final Word 

A toaster is a handy device to have at home; it makes it so much easier for you to toast your bread and enjoy a hearty breakfast instead of having plain and boring bread. Consider the factors discussed above and choose the best toaster.

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