Maintaining Your Induction Cooktop: Cleaning and Care Tips

Maintaining Your Induction Cooktop: Cleaning and Care Tips

The induction cooktop has been a revelation in kitchen appliance technology. It has significantly changed the way you cook at home. It not only allows you to save a lot of energy and your power bills but also helps you speed up the cooking process. Not to mention, electric induction cooktop models like the Vesta CIC 202 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop offered by Wipro Appliances have a stylish and sleek design that seamlessly fits your kitchen décor. 

Since induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy, they emit little to zero heat and use the cookware as part of the cooking system. In fact, researchers worldwide have corroborated that induction cooktops utilise up to 86% of the energy generated. Also, these cooktops boil a cup of water 56% faster compared to an electric stove. 

Apart from enhancing your cooking experience and having stellar safety features, induction cooktops are easy to clean. However, you must still take proper care of the appliance to ensure that it works efficiently for a long time. 

So, in this guide, we discuss a few tips for induction cooktop care and maintenance. 

Like any other stovetop, the induction cooktop will get dirty from spillage, grease, and splatters, and you must clean the spills immediately. The good thing about an induction cooktop is that you don’t have to scrub anything. Instead, you can clean it easily with a simple homemade cleaning solution and a wiping cloth or a sponge. 

Things you need to make a cleaning solution for cleaning the electric induction cooktop –

  • baking soda
  • white vinegar
  • ml dishwashing liquid
  • Spray bottle
  • Non-abrasive sponge for microfiber cloth
  • Water 

Steps to clean the induction electric stove for cooking: 

Step 1 – Let the Cooktop Cool Down 

Before you start the induction cooktop cleaning process, let the appliance cool down completely. Although the heat conduction stops immediately after you take off the pan from the cooktop or switch it off, there can be some residual heat from the pots and pans. So, ensure that the cooktop is cool to touch. 

Step 2 – Make the Cleaning Solution 

Make the cleaning solution by mixing 1 cup of hot water with same amount of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid soap. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and shake it well. 

Step 3 – Spray the Solution 

Spray a generous amount of the cleaning solution you made over the cooktop and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. You will notice the grease, oil, and grime leaving the surface of the cooktop. 

Now, gently wipe away the solution with a damp sponge, making small circles. Once you clean the solution off, rinse the sponge in plain water and wipe it again to remove any residual dirt and the soapy solution. 

Finally, use a soft cloth to dry the cooktop and see how it shines. 

Step 4 – Use Baking Soda 

If the above step did not work enough, and if there are any stubborn stains or food items stuck on to the surface of the cooktop, simply spray the cooktop with the spray again and sprinkle some baking soda over the solution, especially around the stained area. 

Let the solution sit over the cooktop for 10-12 minutes. This will definitely loosen the stuck-on food and the stains. Wipe off the dirt with a sponge and then dry the cooktop with a soft or microfibre cloth. 

What not to use to clean the induction cooktop? 

Now that you know how to clean the induction cooktop, it is paramount to know the things you must avoid using at all costs to clean it. 

Certain cleaning agents can be very harsh and abrasive in nature, which can cause scratches on the cooktop. So, here are a few things you must not use to clean the induction cooktop. 

  • Harsh or abrasive sponges or brushes like those with metal bristles
  • Cleaning powders that have harsh chemical ingredients
  • Chorine-based bleaching powders
  • Rust removers
  • Ammonia
  • Steel wool

Tips to keep your induction cooktop clean and well-maintained for a longer period 

  • First and foremost, clean the induction cooktop every day or, better after every use
  • If you live in an area with hard water, it is better to use plain distilled white vinegar to remove the white spots caused by the hard water.
  • Be careful while handling the cookware to prevent scratches on the cooktop. Also, while cooking, ensure that you slowly lift and place the cookware over the cooktop instead of dragging it across it.
  • Every time you use a new pot or pan for cooking, make sure the bottom is clean. This is paramount to prevent the chances of burning the food.
  • Always use only appropriate cookware that is compatible with an induction cooktop. For best results, always use enamelled or stainless-steel cookware. These are proven to work best with an induction cooktop and are least likely to leave residue on the glass surface.

How often should you clean the induction cooktop? 

Ideally, it is best to clean the induction cooktop every day. But if your hectic schedule does not allow you to do so, you must clean it every week. Set a fixed day to clean the cooktop so that it becomes a routine. 

Cleaning the cooktop every week will prevent build-up due to greasy splatters and oil spills. Use the above cleaning solution to keep your cooktop clean and in top condition. 

Introducing the range of induction cooktops from Wipro Appliances 

An induction cooktop is a wonderful kitchen appliance that completely transforms your everyday cooking experience. So, if you are looking for the best induction cooktop for your home, you must check out the range of premium cooktops offered by Wipro Appliances. 

You can choose from three models: the Vesta CIC 202 2000W Induction Cooktop with Feather Sensor and Crystal Glass Place, the Wipro 1600W Induction Cooktop with Touch Control, and the Wipro 2000W Induction Cooktop Sensor Feather Touch. All three models have powerful heating elements and different features that make cooking easy and fast. 

For example, the Vesta CIC 202 2000W induction cooktop model comes with 10 cooking menu options, which is perfect for Indian cooking. From boiling water and milk to deep frying and making curry, you can choose the right option and be assured that the food is perfectly cooked. 

And with safety features like automatic shut off and timer, you can be assured of safe operation and handling. So, visit the Wipro Appliances website and order it online. You can also purchase it from Amazon. Order Now!

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