5 Ways to Use Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

5 Ways to Use Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Over the years, the way we cook food has changed significantly. For starters, today we use a lot of electrical kitchen appliances to do things faster and more conveniently. Long gone are the days when you may have seen your parents or grandparents grinding ingredients on mortar and pestle to make chutneys and pastes. 

Today, you can do the same task within a matter of few minutes using a kitchen mixer grinder. It is one of the most commonly used modern day kitchen appliance that help you with a range of cooking tasks like mincing, grinding, juicing, mixing, blending, pureeing, chopping and more to make a range of dishes you want and reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. 

If you are looking for the best mixer grinder with juicer, you can consider buying the Elato FMG204 1000W Mixer Grinder by Wipro Appliances. The mixer has a powerful 1000W motor that grinds like a pro, and the durable stainless steel blade is suitable for all kinds of tasks like blending, drying mixing and wet grinding. 

The mixer comes with three different jars with different types of blades and in different sizes. There is a liquidising jar, dry grinding jar, and chutney jar; you can use the right type of jar for the grinding task you want. A liquidising jar is an ideal choice for making smoothies and soups. You can use the dry grinding jar for grinding and blending spices, and the chutney jar is perfect for all your wet grinding mix and for making a paste for your curry, dips for your snacks, and chutney for a side. 

Different uses of a mixer grinder

It is hard to imagine Indian food without masala and spices. They bring out the flavour of the dishes and make them so tasty. If you have a 1000-watt mixer grinder, like the FMG204 Mixer Grinder by Wipro Appliances, you can be assured of making lip-smacking dishes easily and quickly. Here are five ways you can use a mixer grinder at home for your cooking needs. 

Preparing Idli and Dosa Batter

Two of the most popular breakfast items from south India, Idli and Dosa is loved across the country and by both youngsters and adults. And, if you love it too, why not make it at home instead of spending a few hundred Rupees by ordering it online? 

The FMG204 mixer grinder can help you make the batter needed for steaming idlis and/or crispy dosas. Since idlis are steamed, they are a super healthy meal that you can have anytime of the day. Also, they are made of ingredients like rice and lentils, and the batter is fermented, which makes them even better for health. 

To make the batter, wash and rinse the rice and urad dal and let them soak for 5-7 hours. It is better to keep them soaked overnight. The next day, you can bring out the FMG204 mixer grinder and turn the ingredients into a smooth and fluffy batter Enjoy the idli with sambhar or freshly made coconut chutney. 

Grinding Sugar

If you and your family love sweets and you love to try different dessert recipes at home, you need to have the best mixer grinder at home, like the FMG204 mixer by Wipro appliances, to grind or blend different ingredients. Whether you are baking a delicious cake or making an Indian sweet like a yummy shrikand, you need to use powdered sugar. 

Just put the desired amount of sugar in the dry grinding jar and switch on the mixer, and you can get fine powdered sugar. Make sure that you check there are no lumps in it. Then, transfer the mixture to another bowl, and you will have the powdered sugar that you can use for the sweet dish you are making. 


In India, almost every family has a secret chutney recipe that has been handed from one generation to another. Chutney in India is not just a dip or a side but a part of a meal that makes the dish wholesome and complete. 

From simple tamarind and date chutney that you can have with fritters and samosas to the garlic, peanuts and chilli chutney from Maharashtra called Theecha and the ever so loved coconut chutney, you can make them all at home using the FMG204 mixer grinder. 

Whether you are making a dry or wet chutney, use the right jar for the job. Add all the ingredients and blend them until you get the desired consistency. The best thing about making chutney at home is that you can make a big batch, store it in the refrigerator, and use it for a whole week 

Masala Powder

Masala powder is the king of Indian cuisine. Almost every dish requires some kind of masala that adds flavour, taste and aroma to it. And there are literally an endless number of masalas that you can make at home from different regions to get that authentic taste of the dish. 

For example, if you want to make garam masala, one of the most widely used masala powders across India, you just have to dry roast the spices, let them cool down and blend it the dry jar for a few seconds and you will have the most delicious, fresh, and authentic Indian garam masala ready. 


All those spicy, delectable and indulgent Indian curries that may go weak on your knees get their taste and flavour from all the purees made from the spices. Whether it is the paneer tikka masala or the butter chicken, the gravy is super important. 

You can easily prepare these gravy paste at home for the dishes you are making using the FMG204 mixer grinder. The powerful blades of the mixer can handle all kinds of ingredients, be it nuts, spices or vegetables like onions and tomatoes. 

Whatever paste or puree you want to make, just throw in the ingredients in the chutney jar and get a paste of the desired consistency. 

Final Word 

A mixer grinder is a valuable asset to have in your kitchen. It surely does make a lot of cooking easy and quick for you. Buy the best mixer grinder, like the FMG204 from Wipro Appliances, and enjoy your meals like never before.

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