5 Surprising Things You Can Make with Your Toaster

5 Surprising Things You Can Make with Your Toaster

When people first started using the pop-up toaster in India, it was considered a basic kitchen appliance that helped them heat bread until it became toast. There wasn’t much that they could do with the toaster, which made it useful but basic. However, over the years, with technological advancements today, toasters have evolved significantly to become innovative kitchen appliances that can do much more than heating bread. 

What is a bread toaster?

A bread toaster or toaster is a common kitchen appliance that allows you to toast bread slices easily and quickly. Typically, toasters come in different sizes. Some toaster can accommodate only two bread slices at one time and then there are 4 slice pop up toaster that lets you toast for bread slices at once. 

The toasters have an inside heating coil that locks in when you put the bread slices in and toast them according to the time you set. The toaster makes the bread slices crisp uniformly on the outside yet quite soft on the inside. The toasters come in different sizes with different settings and features.

Get the right toaster to make your toast better

Today, by using the right modern bread toaster, you can make plenty of other things, even quick meals and snacks in quick time and satisfy your hunger pangs. If you are looking for the best bread toaster 2 slices, you can consider buying the Vesta Bread Toaster 800-Watt Auto Pop-up toaster that has several convenient features like cancel function to stop toasting during the cycle, reheat function to warm the toast, defrost function to toast the frozen bread slices, automatic pop-up and more. 

Benefits of using a toaster

Whether you have a toaster with lid or the regular one, it is a wonderful kitchen appliance that not only helps make the perfectly toasted breads for your meal but also helps you save energy as it requires far less energy than a microwave or a stovetop. Thus, by using a toaster to crisp up your bread or reheat it, you can save on your monthly power bill. 

Compared to other kitchen appliances you may have at home, a toaster is quite small and compact, which means it does not take much of the savings. You can easily fit it anywhere in the kitchen; it occupies little space and offers great utility. 

Another significant benefit of a toaster is that it is super easy to clean. Most modern toaster models come with a cleaning tray that collects broken crumbs. You can easily remove the tray, wash it with regular dishwashing soap and water, and place it back. Then, you're ready to use it again. 

So now that you know what a toaster is and its benefits, let us look at some of the things you can make using it apart from just toasting your breads. 

  • Sweet potato toast

Sweet potatoes are one of the most loved root vegetables, and for good reason. As the name says, they have a natural sweet taste, which makes them a lot of fun to eat. Also, they are quite a versatile dish and can be used in different recipes. Above all, they are healthy vegetables. 

You can even have it any time of the day, especially for breakfast and start your day on a healthy note. You can have a sweet potato toast instead of the regular bread toast, and you can make it at home using your Vesta Bread Toaster. 

Just water the sweet potato well, cut it into ¼ slices toast them on high and let both sides get brown. Once it is toasted, put any of your favourite toppings on the toast and enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast. 

  • Grilled cheese sandwich

Who does not like a good old grilled cheese sandwich? It is tasty, healthy and make you feel full anytime hunger pangs come calling. Instead of ordering your sandwich, you can make it at home using the Vesta Bread Toaster by Wipro Appliances. 

To make this recipe, you also must have a toaster bag. Otherwise, you will end up creating a gooey mess all over the countertop. To make this sandwich, first, assemble all the ingredients, like bread, butter and cheese. 

Apply the butter on the bread, grate cheese over the top, close the bread like a sandwich and place it inside the toaster bag and then toast. This method is a great to ensure that the bread cooks perfectly on both sides and you get the perfect crunch of the bread with gooey and soft cheese inside.

  • Roasted Asparagus

It can be quite challenging to make a healthy meal when you don’t have much time. So, having a bread toaster in your kitchen can change that. With this appliance, you can enjoy a tasty and healthy meal every day, like roasted asparagus. 

Just put the asparagus in a toaster bag and toss it directly in the toaster, and within minutes, you will have a meal ready. Asparagus is tasty and offers several health benefits. You can sprinkle some pepper over it and enjoy. 

  • Tortilla Chips

Do you love to munch on something crispy and tasty, you can make tortilla chips at home. Just put these chips in your bread taster and get perfectly crispy and crunchy tortilla chips. You can enjoy the chips with some of your favourite dips and satisfy your cravings. 

  • Garlic bread

There is no better snack with a cup of tea or coffee than a nice piece of garlic bread. The thick slice of bread with its perfectly crisped edge and soft centre is too good to resist. So, why not make this delicious item at home? 

If you have a toaster at home, bring out the bread loaf, apply some butter over it, put some grated garlic over it and place it in the toaster. Within minutes, you will have a tasty garlic bread ready.

Final Word

So, there you go, you have the five best dishes that you can make using your toaster at home. You can try making one or all of these recipes at home and enjoy a tasty meal with your loved ones.

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