Should You Buy a Stovetop or an Electric Kettle?

Should You Buy a Stovetop or an Electric Kettle?

There is no denying that technological advancements in the kitchen have made cooking easier, faster, and more fun. Appliances like hand blenders, electric choppers, and multipurpose cookers are super versatile and serve multipurpose. Meaning you can use these single appliances for a variety of tasks. 

Speaking of multipurpose appliances, there is another common appliance that you may use every day, and you may not realise its importance in reducing the time spent and helping you be tidy and clean in the kitchen. Yes, we are talking about the humble kettle. 

There are two types of kettles, the traditional kettle or the stovetop kettle, and electric kettle. The latter is a modern appliance that has gained immense popularity worldwide. So, if you are wondering, which type of kettle is best for your kitchen, you must know the difference between the two so that you can make the right choice.

What is an electric kettle?

An electric kettle is a type of kettle that has a heating element of its own to heat water and other beverages as you like. It needs a power supply to function and lets you boil water within a few minutes. The electric kettles come in different shapes and sizes, and all of them function the same way and, more importantly, are safe to use. It is a wonderful appliance to have, especially in houses where you have limited space in your kitchen.

What is a stovetop kettle?

A traditional form of kettle, it is a kitchen appliance that is used mainly to heat or boil water. You must place the kettle over a gas stove or an induction stove to heat it. Typically, a stovetop kettle is made of a sturdy material like steel. It is mostly used to boil water to prepare tea or coffee, but you can also use it for other purposes like making soup. The kettle has a spout that alerts you when the water is boiled.

Working on an electric and stovetop kettle

As mentioned earlier, the electric kettle for hot water has its own heating element. At the bottom of the kettle there is a heat generating coil. When the current passes through the coil, it produces heat that boil the water in the kettle. 

The heating coil in the kettle is specifically designed to produce a maximum amount of heat even with minimum current, and it does not overheat. The design of the kettle is such that the heating element is directly connected to the water for maximum conduction and convection. This is why the electric kettle boils the water faster than the traditional kettle.

Some of the advanced electric kettle models like the Vesta 1.8 L Glass LED electric kettle by Wipro Appliances have advanced features like stylish blue LED lights, overheat protection, dry boil protection, and steam sensor, which make the kettle super safe to use at home. 

The working of a stovetop kettle is rather simple. You have to place it over a heat source for it to function, i.e., heat/boil the water. Depending on the size of the kettle, it may take about 10-15 minutes for the water to boil. And if your kettle has a whistle, it will alert you when the water has boiled. Even with a regular kettle that does not have a whistle, you can know the water is boiled when there is steady steam coming from the spout. 

If you are looking for a traditional stovetop, go for a 1.5 L electric kettle, as it takes less time to boil the water than the regular kettle. 

Benefits of electric kettle

  • First and foremost, an electric one helps you boil the water faster and helps you save time and energy.
  • Unlike boiling water in a container with an electric kettle, there is zero risk of spillage due to overheating, and avoid making a mess in the kitchen.
  • With the steam sensor feature in some of the multipurpose kettle models like the Vesta 1.8 L Glass LED electric kettle, the kettle automatically turns off once it reaches the optimal temperature.
  • The electric kettles are quite compact, making them easy to carry anywhere you go, even when you are travelling. It is a handy device to take with you when you are travelling with a baby; you just have to plug it into a power source and get hot water to make baby food.
  • The electric kettle is very energy efficient compared to a stovetop kettle. 

Benefits of stovetop kettle

  • A stovetop kettle produces a rumbling sound when the water is boiled, which means you don’t have to stand in front of the kettle and keep an eye on it.
  • A stovetop kettle can keep the water or any other liquid inside it hot for a longer period, which means you don't have to heat or reheat it again and again.
  • It is the best appliance to carry when you are going outdoors, like camping. You can place it over a fire and get hot water, making it a handy device when there is no electricity.
  • The stovetop kettles are easy to clean and very safe to use. 

Electric kettle vs stovetop kettle – which is better and which one should you buy?

As you now know, both an electric kettle and a stovetop kettle have their own features and offer different benefits. So, which is better and which one to buy boils down to your preference. If you want to boil the water at the highest temperature possible, a stovetop kettle is a better choice, especially if you live in a region with hard water. 

If you want a modern kettle with advanced features that can help you boil water faster without using a lot of energy, buying an electric kettle would be a worthy investment.

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