Is Steaming Your Clothes Better Than Ironing?

Is Steaming Your Clothes Better Than Ironing?

Every morning, when you try to get ready to go to work, the last thing you would want to see is the shirt you want to wear is all wrinkled up and looking messy. It can totally spoil your mood, and of course, you would be at risk of running late.

In this situation, you can either pick another shirt and compromise on your look and style, or you can pull out the iron board, fill the iron with water, wait for it to heat up, and then spend a few minutes pressing it. Well, then there is another option: you can press your preferred shirt and make it wrinkle-free within a couple of minutes using a steamer for clothes. 

While both a steaming machine or a steamer and iron do the same job—de-wrinkling your clothes—both appliances have quite a few differences. As some people prefer using the steamer and others the old-fashioned iron, it has sparked a debate if a hand steamer for clothes is better than an iron or vice versa. 

Honestly, both iron and steamer work differently and have different features and benefits. And if you are wondering which is better, and a worthy investment, a hand steamer for clothes might have a slight advantage over the other. And before we get into that, let us first understand what it is. 

What is a hand steamer?

A hand steamer for clothes or a fabric steamer or a garment steamer is a common home appliances that works just like an iron box, except it is lightweight and much easier to use. And unlike the traditional iron box, the fabric steamer uses only hot steam to smoothen the wrinkles from your clothes. 

Let us look at the benefits of using a steamer and why steaming is better than ironing

  • No risk of damaging the clothes

If you have ever used an iron before, you would know that, the appliances tend to get heated up too much and fast. So, there is always a risk of damaging or burning your clothes if you choose the wrong heat setting for the kind of fabric you want to iron.

In other words, when you use an iron, you need to be very careful and attentive. You also need to be mindful of the correct temperate setting. You would crank up the heat for certain kinds of garments, and for others, you may have to turn it right down.

So, the best alternative to ironing is to use the best garment steamer for clothes, like the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances. When using a steamer, there is no direct contact between the hot plate and the garment, and there is zero risk of damaging the clothes.

  • No technique required

Whether you admit it or not, ironing is not an easy job. It requires you to use the right technique to move around the hot plate over the garment and press the different section of the cloth so that it is completely wrinkle-free.

Also, you may have to adjust the setting on the iron for different kinds of clothing and fabric, and that requires expertise and experience. However, if you are looking for a much simpler way to ensure that your clothes are wrinkle-free, you may consider using a steamer for clothes.

It is much easier to use and require you to use no specific technique. All you have to do is fill up the water in the tank, switch it on, and when you see the hot steam coming out, just move it around the cloth from an appropriate distance and you are good to go!

  • Minimal maintenance required

No matter the kind of iron you have at home, at some point, the heating plate can have gunk build-up. This can transfer onto your clothes and damage them permanently. So, to keep your iron functional and safe for the garments, you may have to maintain it well and remove the rust build-up from time to time. This can be both tedious and time-consuming.

If you are using a steamer like the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances, you need not worry about such maintenance. You may only have to wash the water tank, and that’s about it!

  • Storage Convenience

Another reason why a garment steamer for clothes is better than the traditional iron box is that they are about half the size of iron yet deliver impeccable performance and are easy to store.

The size of the hand steamer for garments is compact, and you can easily tuck it away anywhere in your closet, or you can simply put them on top of a table, and they will not take up much space. Also, easy to store means, they are easy to carry in your travel bag while going on a vacation.

This is a great benefit as you never know if the accommodation you are going to has an iron, but regardless, you can wear clean, crisp-looking clothes.

  • Easy to Use

Compared to the traditional iron box, a handheld fabric steamer is much easier to use; you don’t even need an iron board or a hard and flat surface that can withstand direct heat.

On the other hand, a Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances is far easier to use. Simply hang your garment over a hanger door, or hook, move it over the cloth in any way you want, and viola, you will have a perfectly pressed dress.

Final Word

With so many benefits of using a steamer over an iron box, it is quite obvious that steaming is better than ironing. If you are planning to switch to steaming, you can consider buying the Handheld Garment Steamer offered by Wipro Appliances. It comes with amazing features and is affordable, making it a must-have home appliance.

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