Monsoon Drinks for Staying Hydrated and Healthy

Monsoon Drinks for Staying Hydrated and Healthy

Monsoon is just around the corner, and it is one of the most loved seasons in India. The rainy season in India starts in June and continues until September. It is considered a season of refreshing change, and as the skies darken and raindrops gushes down, it ushers hope and beauty. 

The fresh bouts of rain not only bring relief from the scorching heat preceding the heat but also paint the landscape in beautiful greenery. However, there is also a downside to the rains: the humidity levels increase significantly during this season. This means you may be vulnerable to falling ill, as the season is notorious for bringing the risk of cough and flu. 

So, while you may be looking forward to enjoy the rains, smelling the sweet scent of petrichor, you must also focus on taking care of your health. First and foremost, you must stay sufficiently hydrated and consume plenty of water or other fluids. There are many benefits of drinking more water; it replenishes the body and keep you safe from dehydration. 

As the weather changes during the monsoon season, and the heat gives way to refreshing cool, it is time to indulge in some delightful healthy beverages to complement the weather. With the arrival of monsoons, it becomes even more critical for you to stay hydrated, boost your immunity, and promote overall health. 

So, in this blog, we look at some of the healthy drinks to make at home that will keep you refreshed and healthy and make the rainy season enjoyable for you. but first let us understand why prioritising your health is paramount during the monsoon. 

Importance of staying healthy during the rainy season

Irrespective of the season, staying healthy is necessary for a happy life. But it is even more critical during the monsoon. The frequent rainfall causes waterlogging everywhere, which becomes a fertile ground for harmful bacteria and viruses that make you seriously ill. In such a climate, the efficient functioning of your immune system is critical as it fights off harmful viruses and bacteria and keeps you protected from falling sick. 

Masala Chai

Talking about healthy hot drinks to have during monsoon, you cannot overlook the masala chai. One of the most loved beverages in India, millions of people have at least a cup of tea every day. And for many Indian, having a cup hot tea or masala chai holds a special place in their heart. 

The infusion of spices like cardamom, ginger and cinnamon to your regular tea, gives it a healthy twist. It aids digestion, boosts immunity and promotes overall wellbeing. 

Watermelon Juice

Although watermelon juice is considered a summer drink, it is one of the best healthy drinks to make at home and enjoy during the monsoon season as well. The humidity in the air can drain your juices and make you sweat a lot, leaving you thirsty. 

And instead of having a soda or plain water, you can have watermelon juice to quench your thirst. It not only makes you feel hydrated but also refreshed. Not to mention, it provides many health benefits. Watermelon is packed with many vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C and B6 and many antioxidants that boost your health. 


An Indian classical beverage, buttermilk or chaas, as it is called locally is known for its cooling effects on the body. An yoghurt based beverage, buttermilk has several beneficial bacteria that helps digestion, reduce body fat and also provide essential proteins and vitamins. 

Not to mention, it is extremely tasty and makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated on a hot day. You can add a pinch of black salt or cumin powder to the drink to enhance its flavour and health benefits. 


Originating from Kashmir, Kahwa is undoubtedly one of the best healthy hot drinks to have during monsoon season. A popular and favourite beverage among the locals in Kashmir, Kahwa is a refreshing, aromatic, and super-tasty blend of green tea, saffron, nuts, and spices like cardamom and cinnamon. 

The locals enjoy it as tea, and for the cold weather of the region, Kahwa provides much-needed warmth. So, during the monsoon, when the climate is cold, having a cup of hot Kahwa feels like a cosy blanket. It also makes you feel hydrated and provides health benefits like boosting metabolism and improving digestion. 

Sattu Sharbat 

A lesser-known drink from Bihar, Sattu sharbat or juice, can be prepared in different ways. It offers several health benefits when consumed in the morning. You can make it with sugar and chilled water, buttermilk and black salt, lemon, and coriander leaves with grated jaggery. 


A timeless classic, Lassi is another yoghurt-based beverage that comes in a wide array of flavours, such as mango, chocolate, strawberry, and saffron. You can have a glass full of lassi anytime of the year to hydrate yourself, but during the monsoon, when the weather is dry and humid, it makes you feel rejuvenated and boosts your gut health. 

Final Word

During the monsoon, the weather changes drastically, and it can significantly impact your health. To ensure that you stay healthy and hydrated enough, you must have these beverages. 

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So, bring home this juicer today, and ensure that you have a tasty and healthy beverage every day and stay fit and fine.

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