Heavy Weight Iron

Heavyweight Irons: Is Heavy Weight Iron Better?

Ironing clothes is an essential, everyday household chore. It helps you keep your clothes wrinkle-free and look sharp whenever you change clothes and go out. While ironing every day can seem boring and time-consuming, you cannot skip it, as you have to care about how you look and maintain your smart appearance. 

This is why having the right kind of iron box at home is crucial; using the right kind of iron for your laundry and ironing needs can make the task easier and more efficient. In this blog, we discuss what a heavyweight laundry iron is, its benefits, and why it is better than a lightweight iron box. 

What is a heavyweight iron?

Heavyweight iron box looks and works very similar to a regular iron. The only and most striking difference is that these iron boxes are specifically designed to have a heavier body and a larger soleplate. A heavyweight iron is sturdier and offers high durability than the lightweight iron box. 

If you press your clothes daily and have a large load, using a heavy-weight iron box will help easily press even the most challenging and heavy-weight fabric. Another significant feature of a heavy-weight iron box is that it takes longer to heat up, but once the soleplate is heated, it retains the heat for a longer duration. 

The thick metal soleplate is specially designed so that they can press down heavily on the clothes with more pressure. This makes the heavy-weight iron ideal for pressing heavier fabrics like denims or lines. 

There are two types of heavyweight irons—dry iron heavyweight and steam iron heavyweight. The major difference between these two types of heavy iron boxes is that a steam iron box has a water tank, while the other does not. With a steam iron, you can spray steam over the fabric, which softens the fibres of the fabric and allows you to glide over the clothes easily, getting perfectly ironed and crisp-looking clothes. 

Benefits of using a heavy weight iron box

Efficient wrinkles removing

If you use the steam iron heavy weight, you can combine the power of heat and steam to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles easily and quickly. 

Retains the heat for long

One of the reasons many people nowadays prefer using a heavy-weight laundry iron at home is that it retains heat for a long duration. This allows you to easily press the clothes in a single heating cycle. It also means you don’t have to wait for a few minutes until your iron gets heated up to the desired temperature, as is the case with a lightweight iron box, allowing you to finish your ironing task faster. 

High durability

The heavy iron box is specially designed to be sturdy and durable. Once you purchase a good quality iron box, you can be assured that it will function efficiently for many years. 


Most of the modern heavy-weight steam iron boxes are super versatile and come with different steam settings. This allows you to adjust the setting and choose the steam's intensity based on the fabric you want to press. These iron boxes can handle both delicate and heavy fabric with ease. 

Are there any drawbacks to a heavy-weight iron?

Well, there are no drawbacks to a heavy-weight iron. But because of its heavy build and weight, it can be difficult to handle for some, especially the older people in your family. Also, since the soleplate takes a longer time to heat, you may have to wait a few minutes before you start the iron process. 

So, it is quite evident that the pros of heavy-weight iron comprehensively outweigh its cons. 

Get the best heavy-weight iron from Wipro Appliances

If you are looking for the best heavy-weight laundry iron for your home, first and foremost, know your exact requirements. If you want a basic iron for everyday usage, you can consider buying the Vesta 1000 Watts GD204 Heavyweight Automatic Dry Iron. 

It looks stylish, and when you compare the heavy-weight iron price of this model with other models in the market, you know that it is the best choice for the features you get with it. The price is just Rs. 1049, loaded with several amazing features that make your ironing task easy and quick. 

It has a German technology soleplate that glides over all kinds of fabric and lets you press easily. The Vesta 1000 Watts GD204 also has an antibacterial soleplate that helps remove bacteria from your fabric. The wide aluminium alloy gives your garment a smooth press finish.

The 5-fabric setting allows you to adjust the heat based on the type of fabric you wish to press. So, be it your favourite denim jacket, a linen pant or cotton shirt, it can easily handle all kinds of fabrics.

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