Why Dry Irons Are Making a Comeback in Modern Homes?

Why Dry Irons Are Making a Comeback in Modern Homes?

Today, we live in a society where the clothes you wear are considered to reflect your personality; you must not settle for anything but only the best. Even if you don’t wear expensive or designer clothing, you must ensure that it looks sharp, crispy, and freshly pressed. And what better way to achieve a stylish look than to press your clothes using a dry iron? 

Over the past few years, dry press irons for clothes have gained immense popularity all across India and are making a grand comeback. If you have been using a steam iron and are unsure what a dry iron is, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we discuss what a dry iron is and its benefits. 

What is a dry iron? 

A dry iron is one of the most commonly used home appliances worldwide. It is used to press clothes, de-wrinkle them, and make them look tidy and crisp. The workings of a dry iron box are quite simple. 

A dry iron box has a strong and robust metal plate at the bottom. When you turn on the iron, the metal plate heats up, and you must press it against the fabric. The heat from the sole plate and the weight of the iron box smoothens out the wrinkles in your clothes. You can easily control the heat of the iron simply by adjusting the setting based on the type of fabric you want to iron. 

Unlike the steam iron box, a dry iron does not produce any steam, and the price range of a dry iron is much more affordable than a steam or handheld iron model. Also, the dry electric press is much better suited to iron certain types of fabric that are sensitive to moisture. 

Now that you know what a dry iron is, you must also know its features and benefits. Generally, most dry iron models have similar features and offer a wide range of benefits, including – 

  • Easy to use 

One of the most significant reasons dry irons are making a comeback in India is that they are super easy to use. You just plug in the iron, set up the iron area, and start pressing your clothes. 

Unlike the steam iron, where you have to go through the hassles of first filling the water tank, secondly be vary of filling the right amount of water, third waiting for a few minutes for the water to heat up and the iron to emit steam, and then moving it over the clothes a couple of times, a dry iron can give you the best ironing results as you glide over the clothes just once. 

This is a great boon as it helps you save a lot of valuable time, especially when you are in a hurry and trying to finish the ironing task as soon as possible. 

  • Suitable for all kinds of clothes 

Apart from being easy to use, the best dry iron models, like the Vesta 1200Watt GD 201 Lightweight Automatic Dry Iron offered by Wipro Appliances, have another important feature – an adjustable heating setting. This means every time you use this iron, you can choose the appropriate setting for the kind of fabric you want to press. 

Applying the right kind of heat is necessary to keep your clothes protected from being damaged. For example, some of the tougher materials like denims require high amount of heat as the fabric is thick, and the wrinkles can be quite stubborn. 

In contrast, some other materials like the satin or lines are lightweight fabric and they require minimal heat. 

  • Antibacterial soleplate 

This is another reason why dry press iron for clothes are so popular in India. Most of the model like the Vesta 1200Watt GD 201 Lightweight Automatic Dry Iron offered by Wipro Appliances have a special antibacterial coating over the soleplate, which helps you keep your clothes free from germs. 

This particular mode has a German Teflon coating over the soleplate that distributes the heat evenly over the fabric, allowing you to press the clothes faster while keeping it safe from harmful germs. 

  • High power capacity

The modern dry iron models like the Vesta 1200Watt GD 201 Lightweight Automatic Dry Iron have high power capacity, which is defined in watts. This model has a powerful 1200watt heating capacity that heats up the iron soleplate quickly and gives you a smooth and crisp finish while reducing the ironing time. 

  • Easy to clean 

Keeping your iron box well-maintained and clean is pivotal to increasing its durability and ensuring that you get the best ironing results every time you use it. If you fail to clean the iron regularly, the soleplate can get sticky and dirty, damaging your clothes. Not to mention, you may not get the desired output. 

However, if you use a dry iron electric press like the Vesta 1200Watt GD 201 Lightweight Automatic Dry Iron offered by Wipro Appliances, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that cleaning it is quite simple. All you need to do is just wipe off the soleplate clean with a soft cloth after every use. 

If you notice any stains, use a wet cloth or soft fabric cleaning solution to clean the iron. This will keep your iron functioning efficiently for long. 

Final Word 

Thus, with such amazing benefits, it is no surprise that dry iron boxes are making a comeback in Indian homes. These irons are easy to use and help you reduce your ironing time without compromising the press's quality. 

Not to mention, they practically require zero maintenance efforts. All you have to do is clean the metal plate at the bottom of the iron after every use and store them safely, and they are ready to use the next time. 

Do your research about the different models in the market, know your exact needs, and look for the right model accordingly. You can visit Wipro Appliances' website and check out their dry iron range. There are six different models that you can choose from, and each of them is of premium quality and comes with amazing features that will give you a smooth and easy ironing experience.

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