What Are the Different Types of Mixer Grinders?

What Are the Different Types of Mixer Grinders?

Mixer grinders are an indispensable part of Indian households. In fact, without a mixer grinder, it would be nearly impossible to cook and enjoy all those amazing delicacies of Indian cuisine. Whether you are making a puree or a paste for the curry, a chutney for your dosa, or a protein shake, you may invariably rely on a mixer grinder or a mixer, as it is commonly known in India. 

The modern blender mixer grinder models like the Elato FMG 206 1000-Watts Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances are versatile kitchen appliances that can do mixing, blending, juicing, grinding and more. While using a mixer is quite easy, choosing the right one can be difficult as there are different types of mixer grinders. Most of these grinders may look the same, but you can easily spot the difference by looking at the different blades of mixer grinder, which are designed for specific purposes. 

If you are confused? Don’t worry. In this guide, we discuss the different types of mixer grinders and their function so that you can make an informed choice. 

Dry Mixer Grinder 

As the name says it all, this type of blender mixer grinder is perfect for grinding and blending dry ingredients like spices, nuts, etc. A dry mixer grinder typically has sharp and robust blades that are specially designed to handle hard and tough ingredients. 

You can use a dry mixer grinder for making fine powder of the aromatic spices and prepare a masala for cooking those delectable dishes. It can also be very useful for you if you are fond of baking, it can help you make powdered sugar. 

Wet Mixer Grinder 

Among the different types of mixer grinders, the wet mixer is probably the most widely used type in India. In Indian cooking, people use a lot of herbs, grains, coconut, lentils, and spices that need to be blended into purees, chutneys, or even batter. 

This is where a wet mixer grinder comes in handy. It can blend solid substances into liquid or paste form. You can use it for a variety of purposes, like making a fresh batch of ginger garlic paste, tomato puree, etc., at home instead of buying readymade ones, which can spoil the flavour and taste of the dishes.

Juicer Mixer Grinder 

A juicer mixer grinder is an essential kitchen appliance. It combines the functionalities of a mixer and juicer, allowing you to make fresh fruits and vegetable juices at home. Researchers and healthcare experts worldwide have corroborated that freshly made juice has several health benefits, unlike tinned and canned juices, which contain a high amount of sugar and preservatives. 

This type of mixer extracts juice or liquids from the ingredients by blending them, giving you a glass of liquid sunshine. With a juicer at home, you can prepare and have fresh juice every day for breakfast and start your day on a healthy note. Juicing is a great way to get vital nutrients from fruits and vegetables without having to eat them raw or in a salad. 

Hand Blender 

A hand blender is a portable mixer commonly known as an immersion blender or a stick blender. Unlike a regular blender or mixer grinder, you can easily move the hand blender around and immerse it in any cookware to blend the ingredients instead of putting them in the blender. 

The hand blender may not be as powerful as the regular mixer grinder 1000-watt model, but it comes in handy while travelling or when you don’t have a full kitchen set up. You can use it for pureeing, whisking, blending, and more. 

Get the best mixer grinder from Wipro Appliances 

Now that you know about the different types of mixer grinder and their function, it is paramount that you choose the right and the best one for your home. It may not be a big investment but it is certainly a useful appliance that you may use every day, and you would want it to work efficiently for at least a few years, right? 

Well, if you are confused by the different models and not sure which one to buy, you can consider the Elato FMG 206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. It is priced at Rs. 5,499/—and comes with a range of amazing features. 

First and foremost, it comes with four different mixing jars vis-à-vis a liquidising jar with fruit filter, a liquidising jar, a dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar, which you can use for different purposes. The jar with a fruit filter is specially meant for juicing fruits and vegetables. This means you need not buy a separate juicer and can use this jar to make fresh juices at home anytime you want. 

The liquidising jar is great for making smoothies, soups, purees, and more. It is perfect for turning dry ingredients into paste or liquid. The dry grinding jar is specifically meant for grinding and blending only dry ingredients like spices. You can use this jar to make masala powders that add flavour and taste to the dishes you make.

The chutney jar is specifically meant for grinding herbs and spices. You can use it to grind or blend both dry and wet ingredients. So, the next time you make a dosa or want to make a sauce for the pizza, use the chutney jar to make the sauce and chutney. 

The Elato FMG 206 1000W Mixer Grinder has a more powerful motor than a mixer grinder 750-watt model in the market, allowing you to grind, blend, and juice all kinds of ingredients with ease. Also, the robust blades of high-quality material cut through the ingredients, allowing you to get the desired consistency and texture. 

All in all, the Elato FMG 206 1000W Mixer Grinder is your answer to the best mixer grinder blender. Its functionalities and amazing features make it a valuable asset in your kitchen. You can purchase this mixer grinder online from the Wipro Appliances website or Amazon. Order now!

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