What Are the Uses of Oven Toaster Griller?

What Are the Uses of Oven Toaster Griller?

If there is one kitchen appliance that can help you save time, make cooking easy, and make hundreds of delicacies, it would be an Oven Toaster Griller, better known by its acronym, OTG. Among the many kitchen appliances you find in the market, OTG is truly a boon, especially if you love baking. 

The use of oven toaster grill is immense. Whether you want to make your own bread, bake a cake, grill your kebabs, or toast your sandwiches, an OTG can do it all. Thus, it allows you to save money on buying different appliances; it alone can do the task of a toaster, griller, barbecue, etc. 

An OTG is essentially a smaller version of the traditional oven. It has a heated coil inside, at the bottom and in the room. This heating element converts electrical energy into heat and creates a high temperature inside to bake, roast, or grill food. 

The oven-toaster griller machine also has a thermostat, which allows you to control the temperature according to the task you want to accomplish. You can adjust the heating setting based on whether you want to reheat the food, roast it, or bake it. No matter what setting you choose, you can be assured that the OTG cooks and heats your food well, and you can get the exact consistency and texture you want. 

So, if you are planning to purchase a new OTG, you must understand the oven toaster griller uses well so that you make optimum use of it and get full value for your money. Like any kitchen appliance, when you buy an OTG, you get a detailed user manual or usage instruction guide with it. Make sure to read the same to understand its different settings and features. 

To make it easier for you, in this guide, we discuss the uses of over toaster griller. 


One of the most significant uses and functions of an OTG is baking. Baking is a food preparation technique that uses dry heat. In this process, the heat gradually transfers from the surface to the top. 

While using the OTG to bake cakes, breads, pastries, or pies, make sure that you preheat the oven to the desired temperature as per the recipe. This simple step is pivotal to getting the perfect baking results. Also, while baking, ensure that you turn on both the top and bottom heat of the oven. 


Do you love having grilled vegetables or chicken for dinner? If so, you don’t have to order it anymore. Instead, you can make all your favourite grilled recipes at home using your OTG. In grilling, dry heat is applied to the surface of the food, and it could be from the top, bottom, or sides. 

Grilling any kind of food requires a significant amount of direct heat on the ingredients, which is why using an OTG is recommended. Most modern-day OTG models have grilling skewers and a basting tray. You can use them to grill your kebabs or tikkas. Make sure to use the right setting on the oven and rotate the food item regularly so that you get a perfect grill on all sides. 


Many people use a toaster to toast bread and buns to make sandwiches. But if you have an OTG, you do not need to have a separate toaster. When you toast any ingredient, you basically expose it to a high amount of radiant heat.

This changes the colour and texture of the ingredients. This is why when you toast the bread, the white/brown bread turns crispier, and the colour changes to deep brown. Using an oven to toast the bread is better than doing it on the pan as it has zero risk of burning the bread. 

You can also use the toasting function in OTG to make your pizzas and burgers. Just make sure to adjust the setting to top heat for better results. 


This is another important use of an oven toaster grill machine. Reheating simply means heating food that has already been cooked. Although you may reheat your food over a traditional gas stove, you cannot use the stove to reheat certain food items like pizzas, patties, pastas, samosas, etc. 

In such a situation, an OTG comes in handy. Just place the food in oven-compatible cookware and reheat it within minutes. Reheating in OTG is much faster than on the stove, thus allowing you to save energy and time. 

Now that you know what is the use of oven toaster griller, it would help to know how to use the OTG correctly. 

Using an OTG is quite easy if you know all its functions and settings. If you have no prior experience using an OTG, the following guide will be useful. 

  • Preheating

The first step in using the oven toaster griller is to preheat to the desired temperature before placing the food item inside. To do this, adjust the temperature to the desired level as per the recipe and wait until the oven heats up. The heating time can vary based on the model you have, but it generally takes about 10-12 minutes. 

  • Preparing the food

While the oven is heating up, prepare the food you want to cook. Always use the right size baking tray or grill to ensure that the food does not spill out. 

  • Set the timer

After you place the food inside, set the timer on the OTG as per the cooking time required for the dish you are making. Simply adjust the time knob to the desired time and wait for the cooking process to complete. 

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This oven also has an automatic shut-off bell feature, which notifies you after the cooking is done based on the time you set. Also, once the desired time has passed, the oven will automatically turn, allowing you to save on your energy bills. So, you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the food; you can multitask as you leave the food in the OTV. 

Another important feature of Vesta CTG01 28 L Oven Toast Grill is the heat-resistant door, which guarantees your safety while cooking. And even with such amazing features, the oven toaster griller price is quite affordable, and it is priced at just Rs. 7,499. 

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