Types Of Mixer Grinder Jars and Their Uses

Types Of Mixer Grinder Jars and Their Uses

Today, cooking is not necessarily a tedious job. There are many kitchen appliances that you can use to make the task easy and quick. One such appliance that has become an integral part of Indian homes is the mixer grinder. 

It is one of those appliances you may use every day and don’t even realise how it has simplified your life. Traditionally, in India, our grandparents made their masalas, chutneys, sauces, and dough by grinding the ingredients with their hands using grinding stones, which are also known as Metate and Mano. 

Grinding, blending, or mixing ingredients like lentils, coconut, dried fruits, etc., over the grinding stone was not only labour-intensive but also time-consuming. Today, thanks to the availability of a range of modern mixer grinders with strong blades, you can grind, blend, juice, whisk, whip, and puree within minutes. 

While mixer grinders can help you do many tasks easily in the kitchen, the key to getting the best results greatly depends on using the right kind of mixer grinder jars. When you buy any mixer grinder, you get a few different jars, each meant for a specific job. 

Let us look at the different types of mixer grinder jars and their uses – 

  • Liquidizing Jars 

This type of mixer grinder jar is one of the widely used jars. It is usually bigger in size than the other jars and has a capacity of about 1-2 litres, which could vary depending on the mixer grinder model you purchase. 

The liquidising jar is specifically designed to blend dry ingredients into paste or liquid form. It is the best choice for making tomato puree, smoothies, herbal pastes, etc. You can also use this jar to make batters for idli or pancakes. 

These jars have very sharp blades, and they can blend even the toughest ingredients in a few seconds. 

  • Dry Grinding Jar 

This type of mixer grinder jar, as the name suggests, is specially designed for grinding only dry ingredients like nuts, grains, and spices. You can also use this jar to make flour for baking cakes, bread, or cookies. 

This type of jar generally has a capacity of about 1 to 1.5L, making it a great choice for grinding large quantities of ingredients at once. A dry grinding jar has a blunt blade for grinding tough ingredients like peppercorns, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and other spices. 

  • Juicer Jar 

Some mixer grinder blender models, like the Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer Grinder, have two kinds of liquidizing jars: one with a fruit filter and the other without one. The jar with the fruit filter is the juicer jar. 

It is basically meant to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. You can use it to prepare fresh fruit juices and smoothies every day at home, enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast, and start your day on a positive note. 

The unique feature of a juice jar for a mixer is that it has a strainer inside it, which separates the juice from the pulp and residue. This allows you to easily pour the juice from the jar and clean it. 

  • Chutney jar 

In India, different kinds of chutneys bring out the flavour of the local region and also reflect their culture. From the ever-popular coconut chutney from the south that you enjoy with idli and dosa to the spicy garlic and chilli chutney of Maharashtra called ‘techa,’ each state has its own delicacy. 

You, too, can make and savour these chutneys from different parts of India and add a bit of zing and spice to your daily diet. Use the chutney jar and grind those spices and herbs to make your favourite chutney. Generally, the size of the chutney jar is smaller compared to other types of jars you get with the mixer grinder. 

These 0.5L jars are ideal for grinding small quantities of ingredients. The chutney jars have really sharp blades that can easily cut through ingredients like peanuts, coconut, garlic, coriander, mint leaves, etc. 

  • Kneading Jar 

Today, most food processor models have a separate kneading jar specially designed to help with kneading dough. So, whether you want to make chapati, puri, bread, or paratha at home, you need not worry about the hassles of kneading dough. 

Instead, you can measure the ingredients, i.e., the flour, water, and spices (if any), and watch the kneading jar work its magic in giving you fresh dough within a few minutes. These jars have distinctive blades specially designed to help the ingredients bind together instead of cutting or chopping them. 

This size of jar is quite bigger than the other kinds, allowing you to prepare a large batch of dough at once. 

Get the best mixer grinder from Wipro Appliances 

Now that you know about the different kinds of mixer grinder jars, you may be looking for the best mixer to fit all these jars. If so, you can consider buying the Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. 

This is one of the most stylish-looking models in Wipro Appliances’ mixer grinder range. It comes with a range of amazing features that make it a valuable asset to have in your kitchen. It has a powerful 1000W motor that can endure daily usage. 

It comes with four different jars – 

  • liquidising jar with fruit filter for making fruit and vegetable juices, etc.
  • liquidising jar for making smoothies, soups, purees
  • dry grinding jar for grinding dry ingredients like spices and making masala powders
  • chutney jar for blending herbs and spices for all your mouthwatering curries and gravies 

Another notable feature of this stunning mixer grinder from Wipro Appliances is the cutting-edge DFB (Deep Flow Breaker) technology, which ensures efficient grinding in minimum time. Also, this model comes with an overload protection feature that guarantees safe operation. 

Final Word 

A mixer grinder is a wonder appliance that makes many of your daily cooking tasks convenient and fast. It allows you to speed up the cooking time and, at the same time, try different recipes. However, using the right jar is the key to getting the best grinding and blending results from your mixer grinder. 

So, when you buy a new mixer grinder, make sure to read through the instruction manual, understand the functions of each type of jar, and use the right one so that the texture and consistency of the ingredients are spot on.

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