Top 10 Traditional Summer Drinks to Beat the Heatwave in India

Top 10 Traditional Summer Drinks to Beat the Heatwave in India

With summers in India making new records every year, finding ways to beat the heat becomes a top priority. India, known for its culinary heritage, offers a plethora of flavorful beverages that not only tantalise your taste buds but also keep you cool and refreshed.

While there is no shortage of summer drinks available in the market, they may not always be healthy. And why purchase them from the market when you can easily prepare cool summer drinks at home, ensuring both freshness and health? Here are 10 lip-smacking and cool traditional Indian drinks that you must try this summer-

1. The Beloved Nimbu Pani

Nimbu Pani, or lemonade, is a quintessential summer cooler loved across India. It’s a refreshing yet simple blend of lemon juice, water, sugar, black salt, and a dash of roasted cumin powder, offering a harmonious balance of sweet and tangy. You can also upgrade the classic lemonade by adding a splash of fruit juice such as orange, watermelon, or other flavorful options.

2. Cool Cool Chaas

One of the most popular refreshing summer drinks is Chaas or buttermilk. Made from curd, water, salt, mint leaves, and cumin powder, it can help you beat the heat while also aiding digestion. Many households also make Chaas Masala Powder by dry roasting cumin seeds, black pepper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, and carrom seeds and grinding them to a fine powder in a Mixer Grinder.

3. Thandai- The Name Says It All

A traditional drink associated with the festival of Holi, Thandai is a rich concoction made from milk, nuts, and spices like cardamom and saffron. Most of the ingredients used to make Thandai are known to have a cooling effect on the body, making it the perfect summer drink.

4. The Tangy Aam Panna

The summer months in India mark the beginning of our beloved mango season. Made from raw mango pulp, sugar, and spices like cumin and black salt, Aam Panna is another great summer drink. Apart from hydration, Aam Panna is also known for its digestive benefits and its ability to replenish essential nutrients.

5. Instant Energy Boost with Sattu Drink

Popular in the northern parts of the country, Sattu Drink is made from roasted gram flour, water, lemon juice, and spices like roasted cumin powder and black salt. The drink is not only hydrating but also rich in plant-based protein and offers an instant energy boost.

6. The Tangy Jaljeera

If you’re looking for quick and cool summer drinks, Jaljeera is another great option. The tangy and spicy drink is made from mint, cumin, black salt, black pepper, ginger, and raw mango powder. Jaljeera is also known to aid digestion and prevent heat strokes.

7. The Hearty Lassi

If you have a sweet tooth, Lassi is sure to delight your taste buds while offering an instant cooling effect. It is made by blending curd, sugar, water, and cardamom powder, often served with a thick layer of fresh cream on top. You can also make flavoured Lassi by adding pieces of mango or strawberry to the blender before blending the ingredients.

8. Chill Out with Bael Sherbet

Bael Sherbet is made from the pulp of wood apple (bael), sugar, water, and a dash of black salt. Wood apple is a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, minerals, iron, and dietary fibers, making Bael Sherbet one of the most healthy drinks for summer. You can use the slow juicer from Wipro appliances to extract the juice. This cold-pressed juicer ensures that you do not miss on the nutrition.

9. Nariyal Pani- The Go-To Summer Drink

If you’re not in the mood to make something at home, the good-old Nariyal Pani or Coconut Water can also be an excellent summer drink option. The natural hydrating drink is packed with loads of vitamins and electrolytes.

10. Every Tried South Indian Panakam?

Panakam is a traditional South Indian drink made from jaggery, dried ginger powder, cardamom, lemon juice, and water. The sweet and spicy cooler helps you stay hydrated and also maintains electrolyte balance in the body. It is often prepared during religious festivals, especially on Sri Rama Navami, where it is offered as a sacred drink to Lord Rama. 

Cooling Off with Traditional Indian Summer Drinks

As the mercury rises, there’s no better way to stay cool and refreshed than by enjoying these delicious and delightful traditional Indian drinks. Beyond the cooling properties, many of these recipes contain ingredients that help with hydration, digestion, and overall well-being.

So, this summer, treat yourself to the taste of India’s rich culinary tradition and beat the heat with every sip of these lip-smacking cool drinks.

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