Top 5 Kitchen Products to Save Your Time

Top 5 Kitchen Products to Save Your Time

Long gone are the days when grinding a chutney, or chopping vegetables and fruits seemed an overwhelming task and a burden. Today, however, you can find a kitchen tool or appliance for every chore you can imagine. And whether you cook regularly or occasionally, you must have these kitchen appliances in your home to make your tasks easy, and save time. 

Manual Vegetable Chopper

Chopping veggies for everyday cooking can be time-consuming. Different veggies need to be handled differently. This is where a manual vegetable chopper comes in handy. It allows you to instantly chop and cut all the veggies you need and fasten your cooking time.

As the name says, the manual vegetable chopper doesn't need power or a battery to operate. This means you don’t have to worry about power bills. Also, the appliance's compact size allows you to take it anywhere around the house and cut and chop the veggies. 

If you are looking to buy this appliance, you can consider the Wipro Vesta FC 102 Manual Chopper offered by Wipro Appliances. Its sharp blades allow you to chop any vegetable or fruit you want like a pro, and you get consistent-shaped and sized vegetables. 

The tough and durable rope attached to the chopper makes fine chopping easy and cuts your meal preparation time. The safe locking on the lid deserves special mention; it prevents spillage and lets you keep your cooking space neat and tidy. 

Egg Boiler 

Eggs are one of the most commonly consumed proteins in the world. The humble chicken egg is tasty and highly nutritious. It is also one of the most versatile kitchen ingredients, and it can be made in several different ways. But if you prefer to have it boiled, you would know that getting perfectly boiled eggs is a difficult job. 

This is why you must have the Vesta Electric Egg Boiler by Wipro Appliances in your home. This amazing kitchen appliance makes boiling eggs easy and lets you have perfectly boiled eggs every single time, elevating your meal experience. 

This egg boiler boils seven eggs at a time, allowing you to prepare a breakfast/meal for the entire family at once and save your time and energy. You can choose from three boil modes—soft, medium, and hard—according to your preference and be assured that you get the perfect egg. 

Hand Blender 

If you live the typical fast-paced life in a city, you know every single second is crucial. And when it comes to cooking breakfast for dinner, you may not have the luxury of time, and you would want to make things on the fly, right? This may sometimes affect the taste of your food. 

This is why you must have a hand blender in your kitchen. It is a mighty kitchen appliance with multiple uses. It lets you churn, whisk, blend, and whip any food you want within minutes. So, whether you want to make a delicious smoothie for breakfast, blend the herbs to make a puree for the curry, or churn the veggies for a healthy soup, the blender will do it for you and save you time. 

If you are looking for the best hand blender, consider buying the FB101 Hand Blender by Wipro Appliances. It has a powerful 300-watt motor and a two-in-one hybrid blade, promising long-lasting performance. 

Slow Juicer 

Everyone loves having a glass of fresh juice, isn’t it? It is refreshing, but you must ask yourself, is your glass of juice nourishing and nutrition-rich? Chances are high that they are not, especially if you use traditional juicers. This is why you need a slow juicer in your kitchen. It is the perfect appliance that lets you prepare juice that extracts the maximum amount of nutrients from the ingredients and has a longer shelf life.

Slow juicers like the Vesta FS201 Cold Press slow juicer by Wipro Appliances use cold-pressed technology, where the ingredients are squeezed slowly instead of being churned, allowing efficient juicing. Many health experts, nutritionists, and dieticians worldwide have corroborated that cold-pressed juices are tastier, healthier, and more nourishing to the body than other juices. 

The Vesta FS201 juicer's 55 low RPM (rotation per minute) ensures that no nutrients are lost during the churning process and that you get the maximum amount of juice every single time. So, bring home this slow juicer and get your daily dose of liquid sunshine while saving your time in the kitchen. 

Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple food in India. Almost every family uses a rice cooker, and you may have one, too. But can your cooker multitask? Can it save you time in the kitchen? To be honest, traditional rice cookers don’t. This is why you need a multi-rice cooker in your kitchen, one that allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously and saves you time and effort. 

One of the best multi-rice cookers in the market that could be the most valuable asset in your kitchen is the Vesta 1.2 L Multicooker Kettle by Wipro Appliances. Classy looking and built with a powerful motor, this cooker is loaded with a range of advanced features that make cooking easy and fast. You can cook different dishes at the same time on different levels of the multicooker; you can cook rice and steamed veggies at the same time or cook a one-pot meal. 

So, here are the top 5 kitchen appliances that can save you time every day and make cooking fun.

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