Revamping Your Kitchen in 2024? Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Revamping Your Kitchen in 2024? Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Has your kitchen started to look boring and dull? It can happen in anyone’s house, and there is nothing to worry about. After a while, even the most tastefully done interior décor loses its charm, and you may feel like you must infuse some freshness and revamp your kitchen. 

Well, if you are thinking of redoing your kitchen in 2021, apart from getting a fresh coat of paint, you can also consider upgrading or buying new kitchen appliances to transform your boring cooking space into a haven of style, convenience, and efficiency. 

Among the plethora of choices available in the market, here are a few appliances you must have in your kitchen to make it look modern and functional. The appliances mentioned below are meticulously chosen to give you an enriching cooking experience and make a delicious meal every day! 

So, without any further ado, let us get started. 

Mixer Grinder

It is nearly impossible to imagine a modern Indian household without a mixer grinder. One of the most widely used kitchen electrical appliances, a mixer grinder is a multitasking machine that allows you to make a range of amazing dishes with ease and simplify your kitchen tasks. 

From delicious berry and nut smoothies to spicy chutney for your sandwich, a mixer grinder has the capacity to handle a myriad of tasks and ingredients without any hassles. More importantly, it helps you save a lot of time when blending and grinding ingredients. 

As you revamp your kitchen in 2024, it is time to replace your old and weary-looking mixer with a more powerful, stylish, and multipurpose mixer grinder model like the Elato FMG 206 1000 W Mixer Grinder from Wipro Appliances. This gorgeous kitchen appliance is loaded with the most advanced features, like cutting-edge DFB technology, a copper motor, a built-in fruit filter, and easy-to-use controls, delivering powerful performance. 

Electric Cooker 

In India, rice is a staple food. Most families in India consume rice at least once a day. And if you have been cooking rice the traditional way in a pressure cooker over the gas stove, you may want to replace the old cooker with an electric cooker as you renovate the kitchen in 2024. 

Today, you can find several models of electric cookers in the market, and if you want the best one, you can consider buying the Vesta 1.2L Outer Lid Multicooker Kettle offered by Wipro Appliances. It is one of the most stylish-looking and versatile kitchen appliances that lets you do different tasks with a single appliance. 

This electric multi cooker does the job of steam, slow cooker, rice cooker, and more. With different programmable settings, you can choose the right setting for different tasks and complete your job with perfection and in less time. The cooker allows you to make multiple dishes simultaneously; you can steam your veggies or dumplings at the same time as you cook rice. You can also use this amazing appliance to make soups and scrumptious desserts.

Slow Juicer 

You should have a slow juicer at home if you have always wanted a modern kitchen with highly functional appliances. It is a wonderful appliance that lets you make nutrition-rich and tasty juices to start your day. 

As the name says, a slow juicer is unlike any other traditional juicing appliance. It has a low RPM, and instead of blending the ingredients, it slowly crushes the fruits and vegetables to extract juice. This simple technique significantly impacts the quality of the juice you get. 

Health experts worldwide have corroborated that slow juicing is the best way to extract juice. It helps retain the maximum amount of nutrition from the ingredients, and the juice tastes better. Also, since no heat is produced during the juicing process, there is no oxidation, and the juice made from a slow juicer lasts longer. 

If you want to buy the best slow juicer for your home, consider the Vesta FS201 Cold Press Slow Juicer offered by Wipro Appliances. It has a wide feeding chute, allowing you to put in all the ingredients. Just put in the ingredients you want, and you get a glassful of liquid sunshine to keep yourself healthy.

Microwave Oven 

If you like baking, a microwave oven would be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. It can completely transform your everyday kitchen and turn your ordinary home kitchen into a mini patisserie. With an oven at home, you can make the perfect cake, crispy, golden-brown cookies, succulent kebabs, and much more. 

Apart from cooking various dishes, you can also use the microwave to heat your food and grill the ingredients. With versatile features and different settings, you can experience the joy of creating beautiful dishes every day! 

Hand Blender 

Indian food is all about its delicious masala, herbs and spices, right? But you know that grinding these herbs and spices using a mortar and pestle is a tedious job, and without the spices and masala, the food gets no flavour and is tasteless.

So, to make your grinding and blending task easy, it is time to bring home a handy kitchen appliance – Hand Blender as you renovate your kitchen in 2024. It is a versatile and multifunctional appliance that lets you blend spices, make delicious purees, emulsify things directly in the cooking vessel and do much more. 

Among the different models available in the market, you can consider buying the FB 102 Blender offered by Wipro Appliances. It is a powerful blender that helps you make nutritious beverages, spicy dips, healthy smoothies, chutneys, whipping creams, and more within a few minutes. 

Its 2-in-1 hybrid blade made of high-quality stainless steel can handle all kinds of ingredients and get the job done easily. It can whip, blend, whisk, and churn food to suit your needs.

Also, the low-noise operation ensures zero disturbance to the people around your home while you cook a meal. Finally, it is also power efficient and consumes very little power even with extended use. 

So, there you have the must-have kitchen appliances in 2024. Bring home all these appliances and transform your ordinary home kitchen into a professional restaurant-style cooking space.

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