Manual Chopper vs Electric Chopper: Which is Good?

Manual Chopper vs Electric Chopper: Which is Good?

Whether you cook on your own or have a house helper to assist you with cooking at home, you would know that it is a labour intensive and time-consuming job, especially when it come preparing the vegetables and fruits. But chopping the vegetables and other ingredients is a crucial step to preparing a delicious meal. 

To reduce the manual labour of chopping the vegetables, nowadays people around the world use a chopper. It has become one of the most widely used kitchen appliances that make cooking easier, and faster. There are two kinds of choppers – manual chopper and an electric chopper. 

If you are confused whether to buy an electric chopper or a manual chopper, knowing the difference between the two can help you make an informed buying decision. 

What is an electric chopper?

An electric chopper is a commonly used kitchen appliance that help you chop, dice and prepare the vegetables for your meals with ease. It comes with a powerful motor and a set of sharp blades to chop the vegetables. 

A vegetable chopper electric has the capacity to handle large amounts of vegetables, making them an ideal choice of appliance to have in any modern kitchen. The fast motor not only helps you reduce your cooking time but also allows you to chop or cut the vegetable uniformly, which enhances your meal experience. 

Uses of an electric chopper

  • In most Indian homes, vegetables are an integral and essential part of the daily cooking. Most people rely on the greens and other veggies to get their daily portion of essential nutrients, and they cook using a variety of vegetables, from yam to potatoes and carrots to tomatoes and more. 
  • And no matter the vegetable you are using to make a day on a specific day, you can use an electric vegetable chopper to prepare the ingredients and make the task easy. 
  • Apart from just chopping and dicing up the vegetables, using an electric chopper is an ideal solution for making a variety of dishes that you would like to serve, including salsa, dips, purees, chutneys or guacamole that require you to finely chop the ingredients. 
  • You can also use the electric vegetable chopper for making stews, curries, soups and other dishes. In short, you can use a chopper for several purposes, and have fun in the kitchen while you make all your favourite dishes and master your culinary skills. 

What is a manual chopper?

As the name says, a manual chopper is operated by hand and does not feature a motor. While it may not be as efficient as an electric chopper in terms of the speed at which it chops the vegetables, it is still a worthy kitchen appliance to have at home. 

The working of a manual vegetable chopper is much similar to an electric chopper, except it does not have a powerful motor and can be used for a few specific tasks. But it surely does help you chop your vegetables faster, and more importantly with precision, something that is impossible to get when you chop vegetables manually. 

Unlike an electric chopper with a motor, a manual chopper has a strong blade and a durable rope, which you must pull to chop the vegetables. The pull mechanism is quite smooth and lets you prepare the vegetables for a salad, curry, or soup within minutes. 

Difference between manual chopper and electric chopper

Although both electric and manual choppers do the same job of helping you cut or chop vegetables, they are different in more than one way: 

  • Effort required 

First and foremost, using a manual vegetable chopper requires physical effort and time to chop the vegetable. You need to pull the strings yourself to complete the task. Also, the manual chopper does not offer the same level of uniformity and consistency in cuts as the electric vegetable chopper.

On the other hand, using an electric chopper requires you to put in zero physical effort. Just put the ingredients in the jar, and switch the appliance on, and you can get perfectly cut vegetables within a few seconds. 

  • Hygiene factor 

When you are cooking a meal at home or restaurant, hygiene is paramount. When you use an electric chopper, you need not have to touch the vegetables or fruits you want to chop with hands while chopping them. Whereas, with a manual chopping, you may have to handle the ingredients with hands, which may not be very hygienic. 

  • More than just chopping 

This is perhaps the most critical differentiating factor between a manual and an electric chopper. While the former helps only with chopping, the latter can do much more. You can use it for mincing, pureeing, whisking the ingredients, and more. This also allows you to prepare the ingredients in different ways for the various dishes you want to cook. 

Manual chopper or electric chopper – making the right choice

So, as you now know the difference between a manual and electric chopper, you must make a decision on which is a worthy investment based on your needs. If you are small family of 2-3 people, a manual chopper would be an ideal choice. 

You can consider buying the Vesta FC102 Vegetable Chopper by Wipro Appliances. It is a compact kitchen appliance that promises to deliver a powerful performance, making chopping vegetables at home effortless. 

If you are a large family, and you have to cook a meal for 5-7 people every day or you want a more versatile appliance that can do more than just chopping vegetables, an electric chopper would be a worthy investment. 

You can consider buying the Vesta Electric Chopper 300-Watt DC Motor by Wipro Appliances. It is a powerful motor and strong blades that makes the chopping and other kitchen tasks easy and quick.

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