Indian Delicacies to Cook Using a Mixer Grinder

Indian Delicacies to Cook Using a Mixer Grinder

Indian cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines worldwide. Indian dishes are known for their impeccable flavours and taste, accentuated by spices. While many lip-smacking delicacies may seem complicated and difficult to make at home, the truth is you can make them easily, provided you have the right kitchen appliances to help you in the process. 

One of the common appliances you will find in most Indian homes and trusted by Indian moms is the humble mixer grinder. It is an extremely versatile kitchen appliance, and a mixer grinder with juicer can help you carry out different tasks like blending, churning, juicing, whipping, and more within minutes. 

With just a kitchen mixer grinder at home, you can whip up a variety of Indian delicacies without any hassles at all. Here are some of the best and most loved Indian dishes that you can make at home. 

Idli and Dosa Batter

When you think of the best Indian breakfast items, Idli and Dosa invariably top the list. A popular South Indian delicacy, they are loved throughout the country by people of all age groups. 

Made with fermented rice and lentils, Idli are healthier when steamed. While most people enjoy having idli and dosa, they avoid making them because making the idli and dosa batter at home can be a time-consuming process. 

However, the Elato FMG 204 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances at home can make the process much easier. To make the batter, you must soak the rice and lentils separately for at least 5-7 hours. It is better to leave it soaked overnight. 

In the morning, grind both the ingredients together in the mixer grinder (1000 watt). While grinding, add water slowly as required until you get the batter of the desired consistency. The secret for making soft and fluffy idli lies in the batter; it should not be very smooth. Instead, it must be grainy. 

Once the batter is ground, allow it to ferment for about 8-10 hours, and your idli/dosa batter is ready. You can refrigerate the batter for about 2-5 days and enjoy a delicious South Indian-style breakfast every day. Idli or dosa is best paired with piping hot sambhar and spicy coconut chutney, which you can make in your Elato FMG 204 1000W Mixer Grinder. 


Indian food palate would be incomplete without chutneys. You can find hundreds of different types of chutneys around India. From the spicy Techha from Maharashtra to the soul-soothing and slightly sweet coconut chutney from Tamil Nadu to the dried fish chutney of Kerala, you can make different kinds of chutney with different flavours.

The Elato FMG 204 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances has a powerful 1000W motor and a highly durable stainless steel blade. It is capable of handling all kinds of ingredients, including mint leaves, coriander, ginger, coconut, tomatoes, nuts, and more. 

Also, the easy-to-use control allows you to adjust the setting and get a smooth or coarse chutney as per your preference. 

Dry Masala Powders 

Indian cuisine is known for using different masala powders. The masala gives the dishes their taste and flavour. While you may buy readymade masala powders from the market, these commercially made masalas don’t have the same taste, aroma, and flavour as the homemade ones. 

Also, the premade masala powder packets have artificial colouring and preservatives. Hence, a lot of families prefer making the masala at home. You too can make any masala you want at home using the Elato FMG 204 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. 

It has different jars of different sizes. You can use the one to suit your needs and the quality of masala you want to grind. One of the most commonly used masala in Indian food is the garam masala, which is made using a combination of different spices and other ingredients. 

You can also make black pepper powder, curry powder, sambhar powder, jeera powder, etc and store it in small containers for later use. The powder made at home has a longer shelf life, and it retains its taste, aroma and flavour for a long time. 

Juices and smoothies

 If you have a mixer grinder of 750 watts, you can be assured of enjoying a delicious and healthy breakfast every day. Wondering how? Well, most kitchen mixer grinder models, including the Elato FMG 204 Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances, also allow a juicing function. 

You can use it to make a variety of different smoothie and juice recipes to suit your preferences and palate. Simply add all the ingredients you want, be it fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, nuts or a combination of all in the liquidising jar and blend them until smooth or the desired consistency. 

To add sweetness to smoothies or juices, it is better to use natural sweeteners like honey or jaggery syrup instead of sugar. 


Today, you can find different kinds of butter in the market that claim to be healthy and made of natural ingredients. But if you carefully look at the ingredients mentioned on the packet of such butter, you will know that it has plenty of fat and unnatural substances, which can be detrimental to your health. 

Hence, preparing the butter and other spreads you need at home is better. You can finish the task easily and quickly if you have the Elato FMG 204 Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. 

You can make nut butter, like peanut or almond butter, and store it in a glass jar. These butters are an excellent source of proteins and give your body the much-needed nutrients. To make the butter, simply roast the nuts and grind them in a mixer until you have a smooth paste. You can add salt, sugar, honey, or any other ingredients to suit your taste.

The above-mentioned items are only the tip of the iceberg, meaning you can cook many other Indian delicacies using a mixer grinder. So, bring home a new Elato FMG 204 Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances and start making tasty, healthy, and flavour-rich Indian dishes at home.

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