How Steam Irons Work and Why They are Effective?

How Steam Irons Work and Why They are Effective?

Ironing is one of those chores that may seem boring and mundane, yet you cannot miss or ignore it. After all, you would want your dress, shirt, trousers to be wrinkle-free, and maintain your sharp and stylish looks, right? If you have been using a steam iron box, you may have already noticed that it is quite different than a traditional iron box. It transforms your crumpled clothes into crisp and sharp perfection with ease. 

But have you ever wondered how a steam iron works? What is so different about it from a regular dry iron box? If you are curious about it, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we unravel the working principles of a steam iron and help you understand why it is such a powerful home appliance that you must have. 

What is a steam iron? 

A steam iron box is basically a common household appliance that is specifically designed to help remove the wrinkles and nasty creases from your clothes using steam and make them look tidy and crisp. Whether you use a portable steam iron for clothes or a regular steam, these iron boxes consist of a few critical components that work together to help you get smooth and wrinkle-free clothes. 

Some of the critical components of a steam iron, include – 

  • Heating element—It is the motor or engine that heats the water, converts the water in the tank into steam, and emits the steam from the nozzle.
  • Sole plate – It is perhaps the most critical element of a steam iron box. The flat metal surface at the bottom of the iron box is the sole plate, and it comes in direct contact with the fabric.
  • Water tank—This is a separate compartment in the iron box specifically designed to hold water for steam generation.
  • Steam vent—This is the component that releases the steam from the iron onto the fabric. The steam softens the fabric and allows you to press the clothes easily. 

Every component plays a critical role in the steam iron’s working.  Every time you use the iron, all components must work together properly to give you the best ironing results. If you want the best steam iron for clothes, you can consider buying the Vesta 1380-Watt Powerful Steam with Smart Light Sensor offered by Wipro Appliances. 

It boasts many smart, advanced features and a hybrid function, making it a unique iron model. It is equipped with dry and steam iron functions and a five-thermostat control system that allows you to adjust the heat setting and choose the right setting based on the fabric you want to press. 

It also has a flexible 360-degree swivel cord guard, allowing you to glide over the fabric in multiple directions as needed. It also has a self-cleaning function, making it easier to clean the iron box and keep it ready for the next use. 

How does a steam iron box work? 

The steam iron box is designed to give you a better ironing experience and well-pressed results than a traditional dry iron box. Let us see how it actually works and the mechanism behind it. 

  • Steam creation

One of the most distinguishing factors of a steam iron is that it produces steam. When you press the steam nozzle, the steam penetrates deep into the fabric and softens it. This allows you to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles and creases effectively and easily. 

  • Moisture effect

The moisture effect of the steam generated from the steam iron box hydrates the fabric and loosens the threads, allowing you to glide over the fabric easily without any hassles. It also helps give you a better ironing result compared to a dry iron box. 

  • Even heat distribution

The heating element or the steam iron's soleplate is designed to distribute the heat generated evenly. This prevents any hot spots, and you can be assured that there is no risk of your clothes being damaged or burnt due to high heat. 

  • Better results

The combination of hot steam and heat allows you to finish ironing faster without compromising on the quality and get immaculate results every single time. And if you are looking for the best steam iron online, you can consider buying the Vesta 1380-Watt Powerful Steam with Smart Light Sensor offered by Wipro Appliances. 

It is equipped with a super steam burst feature that emits up to 8gm of steam per minute. The vertical steam option allows you to get an easy ironing experience as needed. 

  • Additional features

Generally, the steam iron box comes with a range of attractive features, such as an adjustable steam setting, steam bursts, spray function, etc., that allow even moisture distribution and give better ironing results. 

Now that you know how steam irons work, it is important to know the dos and don’ts of using them so that you can use the steam iron box at home correctly. 


  • After you finish ironing the clothes, ensure that you turn off the iron before plugging out the wire.
  • Keep your iron box disconnected from the socket when not in use and store it safely away from children’s reach
  • Always use a good quality iron board or a flat surface table while using steam. This is important to get good ironing results. Also, make sure that you rest the iron in a vertical position while you using it
  • After every use, make it a practice to clean the soleplate 


  • Allow the wire to be in contact with the heating surface while you are using the iron
  • Direct the steam while ironing. First, steam the clothes and then place the sole plate over the fabric. This allows easy movement of the iron over the fabric
  • Use the iron if any of the parts, especially the cord or the wire, are damaged
  • Never use any abrasive scrubs or cloth to clean the soleplate 

Steps to use the Vesta 1380-Watt Powerful Steam with Smart Light Sensor correctly – 

  • Step 1 – Fill the water in the water tank, make sure to fill up to the ‘max’ position as marked on the iron box 
  • Step 2 – Wait for a few seconds till the water heats up and you see a burst of steam coming out from the iron 
  • Step 3 – Use the spray function to spray the steam over the clothes. This helps dampen the clothes and remove stubborn wrinkles easily 
  • Step 4 – After you finish ironing the clothes, turn off the iron, unplug the wire, and let it cool before you store it in a safe place 

Final Word 

So, there you go, the working of a steam iron is quite easy. And with models like Vesta 1380-Watt Powerful Steam with Smart Light Sensor you can be assured that you have a seamless ironing experience every time you use it. Even with its amazing features, the steam iron price of this model is quite affordable; it is priced at just Rs. 1,400, making it a worthy investment and a must-have household appliance.

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