Best Mixer Grinder in India – Buyer's Guide

Best Mixer Grinder in India – Buyer's Guide

If you have grown up in an Indian household, you would definitely know what a mixer grinder is. After all, we have all heard the whirring sound coming from the kitchen as our parents whip up a delicious coconut chutney to pair with piping hot idlis or tomato puree to make a spicy curry. Mixer grinder is one of the basic appliances you will need in every Indian kitchen, and most Indian families cannot do without it. 

Now, if you are looking to buy the best mixer grinder for your home but not sure how or where to get started, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we discuss the important factors you must consider while buying a mixer grinder. Even if you are a pro in the field of kitchen appliances, you can still learn a thing or two. So, without any further ado, let us get started. 


When it comes to using or, rather, buying a mixer grinder, the wattage plays an important role. It defines the power capacity of the machine. Higher wattage means faster grinding, and you can use it to grind tougher ingredients, allowing you to make a range of delicious dishes that your family members will love.  

It is advisable to choose a mixer grinder with a high wattage capacity like 500- 700 W, you can also choose a higher Wattage of up to 1000W for better performance like the Wipro Elato mixer grinder.


The speed of a mixer grinder machine is measured in RPM or Rotation Per Minute. It is an important deciding factor when buying a mixer as it tells you how fast the blade can rotate. For normal domestic use, a mixer grinder with an RPM of 18000 to 23000 is good enough. 

If you wish to buy a mixer grinder juicer, it is better to look for a machine with a lower RPM, which is in the low to medium range. This is because, at high RPM, the liquids for spices may grind well. So, it is better to look for a mixer grinder that has a speed control knob or switch to change the setting as per your requirement. 

One such amazing mixer grinder available in the market is the Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. It has a multiple-speed setting, making it a versatile machine to grind everything you need, and it delivers great results every time you use it.

Number of jars

This is another critical factor to consider while looking for the best food processor with mixer grinder juicer. Look for a machine that offers at least 2-3 jars. Wondering why it is important? Well it gives you the flexibility to choose a jar as per your grinding requirements. For example, if you want to make a chutney, you can use a different jar for grinding dry spices or herbs and another one for juicing. You can also keep a separate jar for grinding tough ingredients like lentils, dried fruits, nuts, etc.

Also, all the jars must have a durable and sturdy lid that can withstand daily usage in the kitchen. Another important factor that not many people realise is important is the jar handle. It should have an ergonomic grip, allowing you to easily handle the jar in the kitchen. 

With the Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances, you get 4 jars of high capacity like  500 ml, 1200 ml, and 1500 ml so that you have one for every occasion and grinding need.


Just as it is important to look for a mixer grinder machine with different jars and high RPM, it is equally critical to look for a machine that comes with different blades. Each blade serves a specific purpose, and a variety of them allows you to grind, knead, mix, blend, chop, juice, etc, without any hassles and save time in the kitchen. 

It is also worth your time to check the quality of the blades, apart from their functionality. The blade should be made of high-quality stainless steel as it is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Also, high-quality blades retain their sharpness for a longer duration, allowing you to continue using them for long. Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer grinder has stainless steel blades for the extra durability and to retain the freshness in your items.


You cannot underestimate the importance of the guarantee offered by the company on their appliances. If you get a good warranty, you can be assured that the machine is of high quality. The best mixer grinder comes with a warranty of 2-5 years. 

The Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances comes with a warranty of 2 years on the product and 5-year warranty on the motor. A longer warranty ensures that your appliance is protected for a longer period. 


Last but certainly not least, the cost of a mixer grinder is a critical factor to consider when buying one. It is advisable not to look for the cheapest one or believe the one with a higher price is the best one; instead, you must look for the one that is cost-effective and has features that suit your needs. 

Look for a mixer grinder that is versatile, has good features, and is affordable. One such mixer grinder is the Elato FMG206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. It is priced at Rs. 5,499, making it an incredible buy for your kitchen. 

Wipro Appliances offers a range of mixer grinders and a range of other kitchen appliances that offers you full value for money, and make your job in the kitchen easy! Buy Now!

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