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Which Mixer Grinder is Best 500 watt or 750 watt or 1000 watt?

If you grew up in an Indian household, you have heard the whizzing sound coming out of your kitchen while using the mixer, right? It is no surprise that it is one of the most widely used kitchen appliances not just in our country but worldwide. And for a good reason—it is extremely versatile and can handle different kitchen tasks efficiently, allowing you to make healthy and tasty dishes at home. 

A mixer grinder can blend, whip, grind, juice and do a lot more. It can also handle all kinds of ingredient, be it herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. You can use it to make dry masala, extract juice, prepare a batter, etc. With so many uses, you may want to get the best mixer grinder model in the market. 

If you are planning to get the best mixer grinder, there are different things that you must consider, such as features, jars, blades, etc. Another important feature, and probably the most important one, is the wattage. The wattage determines the device's power capacity and power consumption. 

The higher the wattage, the powerful is the mixer grinder and a higher RPM (rotation per minute). Generally, a mixer grinder with juicer come in following three wattage range – 500 Watts, 750 Watts, and 1000 Watts.

If you are wondering which mixer grinder is best and whether to choose a 500-watt, 750-watt or 1000-watt device, knowing the differences will help you make the right and informed decision. 

Ideal For

  • A mixer grinder 500 watt is ideal for small families and for simple grinding and blending jobs. 
  • A mixer grinder 750 watt is best suited for an average Indian family and it can cater to all kinds of grinding and blending requirements. 
  • A mixer grinder 1000 watt is suitable for large families and high-end for complicated tasks like making nut butter, preparing dosa batter, blending flour, grinding spices and herbs, juicing vegetables . 


  • A basic 500-watt mixer grinder has a RPM, i.e., the blade rotation speed of about 15000 to 18000 RPMs, which is good for grinding simple ingredients. 
  • A mixer grinder with 750-watt motor has a higher RPM of up to 20000, which is good for handling simple and tough ingredients. 
  • The 1000-watt mixer grinder models have a high RPM of 22,000 or more, allowing you to grind and blend all kinds of ingredients effortlessly and quickly.

Number of Jars

Generally, most mixer grinder brands in the market offer up to three jars with a 500-watt and 750-watt models and the 1000-watt models come with four jars. You can use the different jars for different purposes like dry grinding, juicing, mincing, blending, etc.


  • A simple mixer with a low power capacity or 500-watt and lower RPM is not suitable for juicing. 
  • The 750-watt mixer grinder models come with centrifugal juicers. This is not the best juicing technique as you waste a lot of the nutritional content of the vegetables and fruits. 
  • The 1000-watt mixer grinder models come with a separate juicing jar with a built-in filter. This allows you to get the maximum amount of juice from the ingredients, and cleaning these jars is quite easy. 

Running time

  • A 500-watt mixer grinder consumes the least power and has a low running time. It can be run for 10-15 minutes at a stretch. 
  • You can continuously use the 750-watt mixer grinder for about 20-25 minutes. 
  • The 1000-watt mixer grinder models have a powerful motor, and you can use them for about 30 minutes at a stretch. However, the powerful motors and the high RPM of the blade allow you to finish the task within a few minutes. Thus, it allows you to save on your power bills 

So, it is evident that a 500-watt, 750-watt, and 1000-watt mixer grinder has different functions and purposes. You can choose a mixer that suits your needs. 

Get the best mixer grinder from Wipro Appliances

If you are looking for the best mixer grinder that is powerful yet affordable, you can consider buying the Elato FMB 204 1000 Watts Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. As the name says, it has a 1000-watt motor and is a valuable addition to your kitchen. 

It has a super stylish design that can easily blend with your kitchen décor. The most important feature is its DFB (Deep Flow Breaker) technology, which ensures efficient grinding in the minimum time. Another notable feature of this model is that it comes with four different jars that serve different purposes—from grinding dry spices and masalas to creating smoothies and puree, you can do it within a matter of minutes.

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