7 Uses of Electric Kettle in the Kitchen

7 Uses of Electric Kettle in the Kitchen

The humble electric kettle has been an integral part of the kitchen essentials for a long time now for boiling water and brewing the perfect cup of coffee or tea. While the appliance makes a lot of the daily tasks easy, it remains one of the most underrated kitchen items. 

While a glass kettle electric is primarily used for boiling water, its uses can extend far beyond that. From brewing a perfect cup of coffee to making a quick meal and even helping with household chores, it truly is a versatile tool that can streamline your routines. 

So, in this blog, we discuss how you can use a kettle for hot water for other purposes: 

Brewing hot beverages

If you are a tea connoisseur or a coffee aficionado, you would surely appreciate the convenience that a multipurpose electric kettle like the Vesta 1.8 L Glass LED Electric Kettle offers. It lets you brew a perfect cup of your beverage and perfect the art of brewing. 

For different types of tea and coffee, you may have to boil the water at different temperatures to extract maximum flavour and fragrance from it. This electric kettle with a beautiful LED light and different temperature control settings allows you to heat water to a perfect temperature suited for the beverage you are making every single time. 

Whether you like green tea, herbal tea, or black coffee, brewing your favourite beverage using an electric glass kettle can elevate the taste and allow you to have the best tea or coffee sipping experience. 

Prepare Instant Meals

Today, most of us live the modern, city-style, fast-paced lifestyle, and we all value and appreciate convenience above everything else, right? Well, this is exactly what a tea kettle or an electric kettle offers. 

You may use a kettle for water boiling every day, but the humble kitchen appliance can do much more for you. It can be a lifesaver when it comes to preparing a quick and instant meal or snack while the hunger pangs come calling. 

For instance, you can make your favourite beverage, like hot chocolate, and indulge in your guilty pleasure, or you can make instant noodles or even oatmeal in the kettle and relish a quick homemade meal. 

To make the meal, simply pour the desired amount of boiling water over the ingredients and wait for a few minutes for the meal to cook before you enjoy it. Apart from being convenient, using a kettle is a time-saving option when you want to have a satisfying meal but don’t have a full-fledged kitchen set up. 

Cooking pasta or rice

Cooking rice in a tea kettle may sound bizarre. But believe it or not you can use an electric kettle to cook pasta or boiling rice. Although it is not the traditional way to cooking over a stove, but it can be a wonderful and convenient alternative to make a meal in small quantities or in situations where a stove is not available. 

Boil the necessary amount of water in the kettle, put in the pasta or rice in a heatproof bowl, and let it sit in the water until fully cooked. It is an efficient method to have a quick meal without the need for regular pans or cooking pots. 

Sterilising utensils

Having a multipurpose electric kettle like the Vesta glass kettle with LED offered by Wipro Appliances can be useful for all families, particularly for parents with infants. You can use your kettle to sterilise the baby’s feed bottles and even other kitchen utensils that you use for the baby. This can significantly help you keep your baby safe and protected from diseases and infections. 

Sterilising the utensils in boiling water effectively kills germs, and an electric glass kettle helps simplify the process. Filling the kettle with a bottle and bringing it to a boil can help you sanitise the nipples, pacifiers, bottles, and other utensils you want. 

This method of sterilising can be useful when you are on the road or in situations where you don’t have access to a stove and no pots or pans. By sterilising the utensils before every use, you can be sure to maintain proper hygiene for your baby’s feeding. 


You can create a pleasant and aromatic environment using a tea kettle. Simply boil the water in the kettle as you would normally do, infuse some essential oil of your choice in it and let the steam spread around. The sweet scent coming from the vapours can have a soothing effect on your mind and body. 

Steam facial 

If you are looking for some home remedies for your facial issues, you can use the humble electric glass kettle in your home to get steam. It is a proven remedy for rejuvenating your skin. The hot steam from the kettle opens up the pores and makes your skin soft and bright. However, make sure to keep a safe distance to avoid nasty heat burns. 

Hot compress

If you are into playing sports or you have a physically straining job, your muscles may feel tired and sore at the end of the day. You can fill a heatproof bag with hot water from the electric kettle and use it as a hot pack to relieve the sore muscles and alleviate the pain. 

Final Word

So, the use of a tea kettle or a glass electric kettle extends far beyond the kitchen. It is a handy appliance to have in your home; its versatility and multiutility features can help in different ways. If you are looking for the best kettle, you can check out the wide range of options at Wipro Appliances.

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