5 Special Dish Prepared on Holi - You Must Try!

5 Special Dish Prepared on Holi - You Must Try!

Which Special Sweet is Prepared on Holi?

India is called the land of festivals. And among all the festivals celebrated in the country, one of the most colourful, quite literally, is HOLI! A popular festival, Holi, is celebrated all over India in different ways, but the basic essence of the festival remains the same throughout. It is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil!

Holi’s uniqueness is marked by the smearing of colourful powders on each other’s faces. And, just like all the festivals in India, Holi celebrations are incomplete without indulging in a feast and making special delicacies, especially sweets! 

So, with the Holi just around the corner, which occurs on March 25th, let us look at some of best Holi sweets you must try this year to a tinge of sweetness to your celebrations. 


Holi without Gujiya is like a world without the sun. Unarguably the most popular and much-loved Holi sweet dishes Gujiya is a delicious snack that you munch on any time of the day. 

Savoury and crispy on the outside, with a sweet and soft filling on the inside, every mouthful of Gujiya feel like walking into a food haven. A sweet dumpling, the outer pastry of gujiya is made or suji or semolina and the filling inside is typically made of chopped nuts, and khoya.

There are many simple recipes available online and if you are health conscious, instead of frying the Gujiyas, you can bake them using the OTG (Oven, Toaster, Griller), from Wipro Appliances and indulge guilt-free!


Another traditional Holi speciality, Malpua makes the holiday celebrations sweeter! It is the Indian version of pancake that has become an integral part of the Indian cuisine since the Mughal era. 

A rich and decadent sweet, Malpua is made with mawa, milk, and khoya. And, if you look at Malpua recipes list, you would know that the recipes differ across the country. Typically, the sweet is deep fried in ghee, and then dipped in a sugar syrup, which is flavoured with saffron and garnished with pistachios.

You can use the manual chopper or the hand blender from Wipro Appliances to finely chop the pieces of the nuts and you can spread it evenly over the piping hot Malpuas. While the Malpua taste awesome by itself and can leave anyone drooling for more, you can elevate its taste and richness by adding a dollop of Rabri over it.


After playing with colours, splashing water, and dancing your heart to the hit numbers under the scorching sun, you can cool off with a refreshing glass of Thandai. It is a delectable concoction made with milk, sugar, saffron, fennel seeds, rose petals, and dry fruits. You can add any nuts you want like almonds, pistachios, raisins and cashews as you want.

Thandai is a favourite Holi drink and a perfect beverage that not only quenches your thirst during the heat but also makes you feel full and refreshed. Using a mixer grinder will make the thandai thick, and the creamy texture of the beverage would compel you to have more than one glass.

Also, it is one of the easy dishes to make at home during Holi. You can find several recipes online and go with the one that you find interesting. You can add your own twist to the drink by using a flavoured milk instead of the regular plain milk.

Puran Poli

When you talk about Maharashtrian Holi recipes, the list will be incomplete without Puran Poli. The Holi sweet dish is known by different names in different parts of India. Also, its taste varies, but all of the version are equally tasty and worth trying at least once.

Puran Poli looks very similar to a regular chapati or roti but it has a sweet filling inside. In Maharashtra, the filling is made of chana dal and jaggery, which is mixed with different spices like cardamom, and nutmeg. 

The mixture is stuffed inside a chapati and it is cooked over a pan and then served with a generous amount of ghee on top. You can cook the puran poli over the induction cooktops form Wipro Appliance, the consistent heat ensures that the poli is cooked well and evenly, elevating the taste and your experience! 


No Indian festival celebration would be complete without Laddus, and Holi is no exception. There different varieties of it, Besan Laddu, Til Laddu, Coconut Laddu, Rava Laddu, Ragi Laddu, and the list goes on and on. 

For Holi, in most parts of India, families make Besan or Boondi Laddu as they are easy to make, and they add a dash of colour to the special Holi meal plate. Shaped into balls, these sweets are irresistible, and it would take all your strength to stop yourself having more than one.

If you wish to make Besan, Rava or Coconut laddo, you can make the dough for it using the hand blender from Wipro Appliances. The different settings, allow you to get a tough of a desired consistency.

Sweets are an integral part of an Indian festival celebration, as they make the occasion sweeter and more memorable! So, get ready to celebrate Holi with your loved ones with these wonderful sweets. Also, you can check out the range of amazing appliances from Wipro that will make your time in the kitchen a delight.

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