4 Amazing Sandwich Toaster Hacks

4 Amazing Sandwich Toaster Hacks

Everyone, from young kids to adults, loves a good sandwich. It is one of the most versatile dishes that you can have any time of the day. Made with cheese, vegetables and Indian spices, there are literally countless number of sandwich recipes. And every sandwich type has a unique flavour and taste. 

Traditionally, in India, sandwiches are made and toasted over the tawa. But to get a perfectly crispy sandwich without burning it, you need a sandwich toaster. It is a wonderful home appliance that you must have to make a restaurant-quality sandwich that all your family members will love. 

The best thing about using a sandwich toaster at home is that it is a very compact device and does not take up much space in your kitchen. So, if you live the typical city-style, fast-paced life or like to make quick bites at home instead of ordering food online, an electric sandwich toaster will be your saviour; you can make healthy and delicious sandwiches at home and enjoy a comforting meal. 

While sandwich makers are mainly used for making a variety of delicious sandwiches, there are a few sandwich toaster hacks that will help you use them for other purposes and make the most of them. 

Reheating pizza 

There is a whole diaspora of people who eat leftover pizza. But why have that mushy pizza when you can retain that crispy crust and enjoy the gooey, stringy cheesy goodness? If you are wondering how, well, this is where your humble sandwich maker comes to the rescue. 

Place the pizza piece in a toaster and heat it for 3-4 minutes, just like you would a regular sandwich. Brush the plates with butter to ensure that the bottom or the top does not stick to the sandwich maker and that you can easily pull it out after reheating it. 

You can also add some cheese to make that last pizza slice extra cheese and delicious. 

Make some tortilla chips 

Tortilla chips are a favourite snack; they make family movie time or gaming time with your buddies better. Making these tortilla chips at home can be an overwhelming task, so most people prefer buying ready-made packet chips, which can be detrimental to their health. 

But now you can easily make your favourite snack at home using the electric sandwich toaster. Making tortilla chips in a sandwich maker sounds unbelievable, right? But it is true: You can make tortilla chips at home if you know this sandwich toaster hack. 

Cut the corn or flour tortillas into four, and place them in your toaster. You can place 2-4 pieces at once and make a bowl full of tortillas within a few minutes. While the tortillas are toasting away in the sandwich maker, you can make your seasoning or dips for the chips. 

It is advisable to brush a generous amount of butter on the sandwich maker plate before toasting the tortillas. This will prevent the flour from getting stuck to the plate and will also give the chips the crunch they need. Once you remove the freshly toasted chips from the sandwich maker, sprinkle salt, cumin, and chilli powder on top, give it a good toss, and enjoy! 

Make asparagus chips 

There is a whole community of French Fries lovers. But you know that the greasy, oily fries you get from restaurants or the pre-made ones are unhealthy. So, why not enjoy some delicious and healthy chips? 

If you have a movie night planned with your friends or you are having a family get-together, you can serve your loved ones some delightful, crunchy snacks that are tasty and healthy. The best part is you can make them in a jiffy, literally. All you need is to know this amazing sandwich maker hack. 

Instead of the potatoes, line up a few asparagus, place them in an aluminium foil or a toaster bag, add your preferred seasoning and toast them to perfect in the sandwich maker. It works wonders every single time! An excellent alternative to asparagus is sweet potatoes or French beans. 

Chicken nuggets 

Chicken nuggets make an excellent appetiser; they are tasty, comforting, and fulfilling. But making these delicious bite-sized goodies the traditional way can be time-consuming. Here is a great sandwich maker hack that will help you make chicken nuggets easily and quickly. 

Simply place the nuggets in a toaster bag and start the toasting process. You can start the toaster as often as possible without worrying about burning the nuggets. While the nuggets are toasting in the sandwich toaster, you can carry out other tasks like feeding your baby, cleaning the kitchen, sending an important email or just about anything you want. 

Try this hack at home, and you will feel blessed to know this. 

A sandwich maker is a must-have kitchen appliance that allows you to do much more than make delicious sandwiches. Now that you know the sandwich toaster hacks and are ready to make the most of the appliance, if you want to purchase the best sandwich toaster, you can consider buying the Vesta BS101 Sandwich Maker with Auto Temp Control offered by Wipro Appliances. 

A stylish-looking appliance, this sandwich toaster has a powerful 700W capacity that lets you make your favourite sandwiches within minutes. Its dual non-stick plates let you enjoy healthier food as the non-stick surface does not require you to brush the plates with butter. So, start your morning with more than one tasty, guiltfree sandwich! 

Even with so many features, the sandwich toaster price is quite affordable; it is priced at just Rs. 1,499. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to know more about this amazing sandwich maker and order it online. Buy Now!

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