5 Best Drinks to Stay Warm This Monsoon

5 Best Drinks to Stay Warm This Monsoon

As the rainy season approaches, you may be already looking forward to enjoying a cosy evening at home with your loved ones and having a cup of tea to keep yourself warm, right? Well, as comforting and exciting as it may sound, it is quite a cliché, don’t you think? 

Well, tea or chai as we Indians call it, and monsoon is a match made in heaven. But there are many other amazing monsoon drinks that you can and must try this year to keep and embrace the warmth while also focusing on your health and building immunity. 

In this blog, we look at some of the best drinks you can make at home to stay warm and healthy during the monsoon season. 

Turmeric milk with carrom seeds 

Turmeric milk is an ancient remedy for several health problems, especially when the weather turns cold. People all over India drink it during the monsoon. It boosts natural immunity and soothes the body, providing nourishment. 

Turmeric milk is golden-yellow in colour and works like a magical potion to warm you when it gets cold outside during the monsoon. While milk and turmeric are a great combination, this year, you can consider making it even better and healthier by adding some carrom seeds or ajwain to it. 

Ginger lemon tea 

If you are looking for some healthy beverage to add to your monsoon diet plan, look no further than the ginger lemon tea. Ginger, and tea, both are magical ingredients that offer immense health benefits. 

Apart from health benefits, ginger and lemon individually have strong and potent flavours, and when combined together in the form of tea, they turn into an elixir of life. You can replace your regular tea with ginger lemon tea during the monsoon and enjoy its health benefits. Not to mention, the tea tastes spectacular, and when you add a bit of honey for sweetness, the nutritional value of the beverage escalates to the next level. 

Black coffee with cinnamon 

If you are a quintessential coffee lover, this is one of the best foods for rainy season. Several healthcare professionals, and medical researchers worldwide have corroborated that when consumed in moderation and with no refined sugar, black coffee is one the best beverages to have for good health. 

You can make the good old coffee even better and enhance its taste and flavour by adding a bit of cinnamon to it. The combination may sound unusual, but it is quite an interesting flavour combination. But more importantly, the cinnamon-infused blacked coffee keeps your body warm and energised throughout the day, which is exactly what you would need on a cold and lazy rainy evening. 

ABC Juice

Undoubtedly the best drink to drink in the morning during the monsoon and all through the year is ABC juice. It is basically an apple, beetroot and carrot juice. Considered to be one of the best detox drinks, having freshly made ABC juice first thing in the morning refreshes your mind and body. 

Invented ages ago by a Chinese herbalist, the juice contains the goodness and nutrition of apple, carrot and beetroot, giving your body the nourishment it requires to function efficiently and healthily during the rainy season. 

Apart from providing warmth, ABC juice offers many other health benefits, such as helping detoxify the body, purify the blood, and boost the immune system. 

You can easily make the ABC detox juice at home using the Vesta FS101 cold-press slow juicer. It uses cold-press technology, allowing you to extract maximum flavour and nutrition from the ingredients and also enhance the taste of the drink.


A traditional drink from Kashmir, Kahwa is a popular beverage in the region, and for a good reason. You must definitely try this wonderful concoction made of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, Kashmiri roses, saffron, almonds, and nuts during the monsoon. 

It is one of the most aromatic, healthy and flavourful beverages you may find anywhere in India. The locals in Kashmir generally have kahwa after a meal to aid digestion. But it serves many other purposes, and is a great remedy for cold, which is a common during monsoon. 

Kahwa also helps boost your energy, and reduce the stress, which is perhaps exactly what you may need to get through a dull and gloomy rainy day. The best thing about Kahwa is that anyone can have it; you can also give it to your children without worrying about any risk of side effects. 

Spiced hot chocolate

When it is raining outside, and the weather turns cold, you may inevitably crave something warm, right? Well, what better way to feel that cosy warmth than having a cup of spiced hot chocolate? 

Come on, who can resist a cup of hot chocolate? Just the mere mention of it may bring out the inner child in you and make your tastebuds jump with joy. After all, it is not just any other ordinary beverage, it is an emotion and glass of pure bliss, isn’t it? 

But remember, it is monsoon, and your body needs its daily dose of a healthy drink. So, instead of having regular hot chocolate, you can give it a healthy twist by adding some spices, like star anise and cinnamon. 

Both spices have a beautiful aroma and flavour, and when combined with chocolate, they enhance the overall flavour of the beverage and make it rich and comforting. 

So, there you have the five best drinks you can try having this monsoon to stay warm and keep yourself healthy and protected from diseases.

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