Sandwich Maker vs. Panini Press: The Battle of Grilled Sandwich Masters

Sandwich Maker vs. Panini Press: The Battle of Grilled Sandwich Masters

If you are someone who likes to have to a sandwich for breakfast, as an evening snack or just about any time of the day when hunger pangs come calling, then you must consider investing in a good quality sandwich maker or a panini press. And, if you are wondering which of these appliances to buy to make sandwiches at home, you must be aware of their differences to make the right choice. 

In this blog, we explore the features and benefits of both a toaster sandwich maker and a panini maker, and then you can decide which one would be a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

What is a panini maker used for?

A panini maker is also commonly known as a panini press or a panini grill. And as the name says, it is especially desired to grill and press the sandwiches known as paninis. This amazing kitchen appliance has a ridged top and bottom that creates the sear marks on the sandwich surface and ensures that the bread and the filling between the slices are cooked and heated evenly.

Apart from making delicious and perfectly cooked sandwich recipes, you can use the panini maker for other purposes, like grilling vegetables or meat for the dishes you want to make. All-in-all, it is a valuable asset to have in your kitchen. 

What is a sandwich maker used for?

A sandwich maker or a sandwich griller or a sandwich toaster is one of the most commonly used type of sandwich-making appliances. It is specially designed to help you make toasted sandwiches easily and quickly. You can any kind of toasted sandwich in the griller sandwich maker and add variety your breakfast menu.

Typically, the griller sandwich maker come with a flat or triangular plates that press the sandwich together, and seal the filling inside while toasting the bread slices from the outside. If you are looking to make and enjoy a simple, crispy, warm and fresh sandwich at home, investing in a sandwich maker would be the right choice.

Sandwich maker vs the Panini maker – knowing the differences

Now that you know what the sandwich maker and a panini maker are, and what they can do, let us look at the difference between the two. 

  • Grilling and heating capacity

In terms of making a perfectly grilled sandwich with beautifully charred outside, a panini maker wins the battle hands down. This is because it is designed specifically to distribute the heat evenly, and the sandwich made in a panini maker gives you that perfect crispy texture on the outside. 

In contrast, a sandwich maker primarily focuses on toasting and sealing the bread slices from the outside and sealing in the filling. Thus, a sandwich made in a toaster griller has a distinct flavour and texture. 

  • Versatility

Today, with the modern kitchens lack space, and you would want to use a kitchen appliance that is versatile and serves multiple purposes. Panini maker is a versatile appliance. You can use it for grilling vegetables, meat patties, sandwiches and more.

A sandwich maker with a griller is also quite a versatile appliance. It is perfect for grilling chicken, toasting breads, make kebabs, grill sandwich, etc. 

  • Size

Typically, the panini makers are bigger in size than the sandwich makers, and they occupy more space in your kitchen. A regular sandwich maker is compact and lightweight, making it a convenient appliance to have even in a small kitchen. However, there are some bigger grill sandwich maker models to that are heavy and may need take up a lot of storage space. 

  • Maintenance and easy to clean

Sandwich makers usually have non-stuck surfaces, making them easy to clean. You can clean it simply by wiping it off with a clean cloth, and it requires zero maintenance. Panini makers may be a little challenging to clean. Some of the models may have removable plates that can be removed and washed with regular washing soap and water. 

  • Energy efficiency

The panini makers heat up to a high temperature and use a lot of energy. On the other hand, sandwich makers are more energy efficient and help you save a significant amount of money on your power bills. 

  • Safety features

In terms of safety, both panini makers and sandwich makers come with advanced safety features like coot touch handles, automatic turn-off, etch which ensure that there is minimal risk of accidental burns because of touching the hot surface. 

Also, with an auto turn-off feature, you can be assured that your sandwich or any other food you are grilling over the sandwich maker griller does not overcook. 

Panini maker or sandwich maker – which one should you choose?

Now you know the difference between a sandwich maker and a panini maker. So, which one should you choose boils down to your preference, budget and cooking needs. If you are looking to buy a simple sandwich maker to make toast sandwiches at home, you can opt for a small sandwich maker. But if you want a more versatile kitchen appliance you can opt for a panini maker or a large sandwich maker model that also has a grill plate. 

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