Multicooker Vs Air Fryer – Which Should You Invest In?

Multicooker Vs Air Fryer – Which Should You Invest In?

In the world of modern kitchen appliances, you may find plenty of options that make cooking easy and fast. Among the many appliances, an air fryer and multicooker stand out. Both of these appliances offer unique features, making meal preparation effortless and efficient. 

And if you are debating whether to invest in an air fryer or a multicooker, you must know that these appliances serve different purposes. And knowing the difference between them can help you make the right buying decision. So, in this blog, we discuss air fryer benefits, multicooker benefits, their features and functions. 

What is a multicooker?

A multicooker is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that is specially designed to make your daily cooking simple and stress-free. It is a wonderful appliance to have at home that can do the job of different appliances and do it faster, allowing you to save money, time and space in the kitchen. 

You can use it as a steamer for cooking rice, meat, veggies, eggs, etc., and to cook a one-pot meal. This is great, especially if you live a hectic life and don’t have enough time to cook an elaborate dinner. According to some research, some of the advanced multicooker models in the market can reduce your cooking time by up to 70% compared to a traditional pressure cooker. 

Besides, you can set the cooking function you want, put the ingredients you want in the pot, and let the cooker do the rest. You can simply carry on with your other chores and forget about the cooker or keeping track of the number of whistles. Based on the function you choose, once the full cycle is complete, the multicooker will automatically turn off, and you can be assured that the meal is ready and has the right texture and consistency as you want. 

The multicooker is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance that uses up to 80% less energy compared to an electric oven. 

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is another common kitchen appliance used worldwide. It is very similar to an oven and cooks food by circulating hot air inside. It is especially useful if you are trying to eat a healthy diet and/or lose weight. 

The air circulated inside the air fryer helps you crisp up food items just like you fry them the traditional way, but using only a fraction of the oil you may use. Imagine making half a kilo of perfectly crispy chips with only a teaspoon of oil. 

Air fryers also use less energy than a regular oven, which can help you save a lot of money on power bills. In addition to frying ingredients, you can use the air fryer for many other purposes, such as grilling, baking, roasting, and dehydrating. 

Multicooker vs air fryer – knowing the difference

Now that you know what an air fryer and a multi-cooker are, let us compare the two using different parameters. This will help you make the right choice about which appliance to buy. 

  • Easy to clean

When you buy any kitchen appliance, be it an air fryer or a multicooker, you must look for a model that is easy to clean. Between these two appliances, the multicooker models, like the Vesta 1.2 Outer Lid Multicooker Kettle, hold a slight edge. 

This is because, unlike the air fryers, this model has simple functioning and a few components. You can easily clean the removable cooking vessel with regular dishwashing soap and water. Air fryers are slightly challenging to clean, as they have several functions and the size of these appliances is quite bulky. 

  • Storage space

Today, most modern homes have limited kitchen space, and when buying any new appliance, it is important to consider the storage space it may need. The multicooker is quite sleek compared to an air fryer, making it much easier to store in the kitchen. 

Also, since a multicooker is a versatile appliance that does the job of different appliances, it helps you save space by not having to have a different steamer. Modern multicooker models, like the Vesta outer lid multicooker kettle, have a removable steamer, which means you can use the appliance not just for cooking rice, which further makes it easier to store it over your kitchen counter top. 

Without the attachment, the model may be the size of a rice cooker 1-litre model, which is quite compact. You can even keep it in your cabinet without worrying about it taking up too much space. 

  • Affordability

While buying a multicooker or an air fryer, you must surely consider the pros and cons, right? At the same time, you must also keep the affordability factor in mind. You must consider the initial price as well as the value for money the appliance offers in the long run. 

In terms of initial cost, the multicooker model like the Vesta 1.2 Outer Lid Multicooker Kettle has an affordable price tag; it is priced just at Rs. 2,049. Also, it offers great value for money as it functions efficiently for long. 

The air fryer, on the other hand, may be priced higher, especially the models that have advanced features and offer multiple functionalities. 

Air fryer or multicooker – which one to buy? 

From the above comparison, it is quite evident that a multicooker wins the battle. But, the decision about which appliance to buy greatly depends on your exact needs, kitchen space, and budget. 

If you are looking to buy a new cooker that can help you cook one pot meals and do other tasks like steaming simultaneously, it is better to purchase a multicooker. 

In contrast, if you like to make fried snacks, and want to indulge in your favourite foods guilt free, buying an air fryer would meet your needs. However, you must know that it will require a lot of space in your kitchen, may be hard to clean and also cost a lot. So, if you have the space, and budget, you may purchase an air fryer too.

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