Induction vs. Electric Cooktop: Which Should You Buy?

Induction vs. Electric Cooktop: Which Should You Buy?

Today, in India, many families prefer using the electric cooktop or an induction stove over the traditional gas. However, there has been a lot of noise about whether an induction stove is better than an electric stove or vice versa.

If you have been confused about which one to choose, knowing the difference between the two can help you make the right decision. Although an induction stove and an electric cooktop or stove are both types of electric stoves, the major point of difference between the two lies in the way they generate heat. 

The electric cooktop or electric chulha produces radiant heat by passing electricity between the heating elements and sending heat waves to the cookware. On the other hand, the induction stove uses a copper coil to generate an electromagnetic field and heat, just like a microwave oven, to heat the cookware. 

How does an induction stove or cooktop work?

The induction cooktop turns the cookware, i.e., your pots and pans, into their heat source by creating an electromagnetic energy that passes through the copper coil and directly transfers the heat to the cookware placed on it.

Also, the induction cooktops are quite easy to clean. Most of the induction stove models, like the Vesta CIC 202 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop by Wipro Appliances, have a crystal glass plate on top. You can simply wipe it off with a clean cloth, and you are good to go for your next use. 

Features and benefits of induction cooktop

Apart from helping you reduce the cooking time and saving energy bills, using the best induction cooktop model, like the Vesta CIC 202 induction cooktop by Wipro Appliances, offers several benefits, including – 

  • Suitable for Indian cooking

It has 10 preset cooking menu controls, allowing you to cook any Indian delicacies of your choice with just a click of a button. You can choose from functions like – water, chapati, deep fry, idli, milk, rice, boil, curry, soup, and cooker. 

  • Superior performance

The Vesta CIC 202 induction cooktop is powered by a 2000-watt heating element that delivers powerful and efficient performance. So, you can be sure that the dishes are cooked faster and to perfection.

  • Automatic turn-off

This is another significant benefit of using the Vesta CIC 202 induction cooktop, as it ensures utmost safety while cooking and prevents the cooktop from using too much electricity. 

  • Smart timer

This feature allows you to cook or reheat the food for a specific amount of time as you desire. It also ensures that the food is cooked to perfection. 

How does an electric cooktop work?

As the name says, an electric cooktop uses electricity to heat the metal coil, which comes in direct contact with the cookware and heats it from the bottom. 

Benefits of an electric cooktop

An electric cooktop is definitely a better choice of stove to have at home than a gas stove. It looks stylish, speeds up the cooking process, and lets you cook a variety of dishes to perfection. It also offers several other benefits, including – 

  • Easy to clean

Typically, the electric cooktops have a smooth surface with glass or ceramic-coated hot plates that are easy to clean once they are cooled. 

  • Flat surface

The flat surface of the electric cooktop ensures that the cookware remains stable throughout the cooking process. 

  • Easy to install

The electric cooktops are quite easy to install and only require a grounded outlet for installation. 

Now that you know what an electric induction cooktop and a regular electric cooktop are, how they work, and their benefits, the big question is, which one should you buy? The answer is both the induction stove and electric cooktop have their own features and benefits and which one to buy depends entirely on your personal cooking preferences and needs. 

If you want an appliance that could help you save time cooking, you may want to consider buying the Vesta CIC 202 induction cooktop by Wipro Appliances. The preset cooking options and the maximum utilisation of the heat let you complete your tasks faster without compromising on quality. 

Some experts suggest an induction cooktop can boil a cup of water about 25% faster than the average electrical cooktop. 

If you prefer to have a cooking appliance that looks similar to the traditional cooktop yet has some advanced features, you can consider buying an electric cooktop. Since you may already know how radiant or coil cooktops work, you don’t have to adjust to a new style of cooking. 

Also, unlike the induction stove that requires you to only use induction-compatible cookware, you can use any kind of pots and pans to cook over an electric cooktop. This means you don’t have to invest in upgrading the kitchen cookware and save yourself a significant amount of money. 

Discover the range of induction cooktops at Wipro Appliances

So, there you go. You know the difference between an electric cooktop and an induction stove. If you are looking to buy the latter to upgrade your kitchen, consider checking out the range of induction cooktops offered by Wipro Appliances, comparing the different models, and choosing the one that best suits your needs and budget. 

If you have been using the traditional gas stove for a long, it may be high time to upgrade your kitchen appliance and switch to using an induction stove. It could infuse a sense of modernity and style in your kitchen as well as speed up the cooking time and make your meal faster.

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