What Are the Benefits of Mixer Grinder?

What Are the Benefits of Mixer Grinder?

If you can name one kitchen appliance that you may find in almost every single Indian home across the length and breadth of the country – it would probably be a mixer grinder. An indispensable part of Indian homes, a kitchen mixer grinder makes cooking easy and fun and also allows you to try different recipes. 

Whether you want to whip some cream for your pastries, grind spices for making a curry, blend the herbs to make a puree or turn lentils and rice into a batter, a mixer grinder can do everything. Not to mention, it can carry out all the tasks within minutes and save you a lot of time spent in the kitchen. 

Benefits of mixer grinder

Indian food is known worldwide for its flavour, aroma and taste. And Indian food items get their taste, flavour and aroma from the use of an array of spices, and masala powders, which are ground and added to the dishes. And the best way to make these spices at home is to use a kitchen mixer grinder. 

There are many other advantages of mixer grinder, which we discuss below – 

  • Versatility 

One of the most significant benefits of mixer grinder is that is an extremely versatile kitchen appliance. Whether you want to blend smoothies, prepare batters, make purees, a mixer grinder can do it all. 

All you have to do is use the right kind of jar for the purpose, and the mixer grinder will let you complete the task within a matter of seconds. Also, ensure that you use the right speed setting on the mixer so that you get the right consistency and texture of the ingredients based on the dish you are making.

A good mixer grinder model with different functionalities can do the task of different appliances alone. You need not buy a separate juicer, blender or a soup maker, instead bring home a mixer grinder, and save money and space in your kitchen. 

  • Saves time and effort 

Whether you cook food every day or occasionally, you would know that the preparation work for the meal takes the maximum amount of time. This is where the kitchen mixer grinder comes in handy. 

It lets you do the preparation tasks like making a masala, or blending the ingredients to make a batter or even kneading a dough in quick time, and reduce the amount of time you spend in kitchen. This is an especially a great benefit for you if you don’t live a hectic life and want to make a quick meal. 

Since these kitchen appliances have different functionalities, you can also get creative with cooking and try making different recipes and cuisines. 

  • Easy and safe to use 

One of the other advantages of a mixer grinder that cannot be undermined is that this appliance is very easy to use. Anyone in your family, be it old or a youngster, can use it without any hassles.

You simply have to plug the appliance, choose the right jar for the task you want to do, and adjust the right setting. The mixer will do its job. Also, the best mixer grinder models have advanced safety features. So, you don’t have to be worried at all of any injuries. 

  • Durability and reliability 

The best mixer grinder models offered by renowned brands in the home and kitchen appliances space, like Wipro Appliances, are known for their robust build and long-lasting performance. The motors used in these mixers are specially designed for heavy usage without burning or overheating them. 

Also, the jars and blades of the mixer grinder are made of high-quality material that can withstand even the toughest ingredients. With proper care, and right usage as per the user guidelines, you can use the mixer grinder for several years, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Wipro Appliances brings you the best mixer grinders 

Now that you know the benefits of a mixer grinder and how it can be a valuable asset to have in your kitchen, it would help to know which is the best mixer grinder so that you can make the right buying decision. Among the hundreds of models offered by different brands, if you are looking for a model that is truly versatile and does not dent your savings, you can consider buying the Elato FMG 206 1000W Mixer Grinder offered by Wipro Appliances. 

The model has an amazing design that would surely blend into any kitchen décor. Also, it is loaded with stunning features and you would love using it for your everyday tasks. It has a powerful 1000W motor that lets your grind, juice, whisk, blend, ingredients like a pro within a few seconds. 

The copper motor also guarantees long-lasting performance, giving you full value for the money. The Elato FMG 206 1000W Mixer Grinder has four different jars for different purposes. You get the liquidizing jar, which has a built-in fruit filter. It is an ideal choice of jar for juicing and blending. The filter separates the juice from the residue, allowing you to enjoy the liquid glass sunshine with every sip. 

There is another liquidizing jar with no filter. It is a perfect choice of jar for making smoothies, and blending ingredients for making soups. You can also use it for making batter for idli and dosa or cheela. 

You also have a dry grinding jar, which, as the name say it all, is specifically meant for grinding dry ingredients. You can use it for grinding spices. Lastly, there is a separate chutney jar, which allows you to make those delicious chutneys, sauces, and dips by blending together the herbs, spices, nuts, and other ingredients you like. 

One of the highlights of any best mixer grinder is that it has strong and robust blades. Elato FMG 206 1000W Mixer Grinder is no different. Each of the jars has strong blades capable of grinding the ingredients to the right consistency and texture as you like. 

Lastly, the cost of this amazing and feature-rich mixer grinder from Wipro Appliances is quite affordable. It is priced at just Rs. 5,499, making it a must-have mixer grinder for all. So, visit the Wipro Appliances website and order it online.

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